Meet the inspiring #BlackHairChallenge that’s celebrating black hair!

Amra | 21 June 2017
alexus crown with afro hair wearing blue shirt and jeans

All hair types are beautiful and deserved to be loved! 💖


Ladies, we may be a little late to the party, but we need to talk about the hair-positive challenge we’ve been seeing on Twitter: the #BlackHairChallenge.

This challenge aims to celebrate the versatility of black hair  — from baby afros and Poetic braids, to Rapunzel-worthy weaves  — to showcase this often controversial hair types’ beauty. And rocking natural black hair isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially when everyone has an opinion on how it should be worn (we all remember the Duckie Thot incident!).

So, when we saw that Twitter user @MelaninMamis created the positive viral hashtag #BlackHairChallenge, to encourage ladies with black hair to showcase their mane moments, we were completely blown away. See the looks we’re fawning over, below!

#BlackHairChallenge: 3 inspiring ladies with beautiful black hair


kiitanaxo showing her different black hairstyles for the black hair challenge
Now that’s we call versatile! Credit:

If there is an image that perfectly sums up what the #BlackHairChallenge is about, it is the one by this Twitter user. As you can see, this mega-babe has rocked countless long and short looks with her black hair – and totally nailed each one!

From box braids to colourful twist styles and everything in between, we’re sure you’ll agree this picture totally highlights the versatility of black hair. #Slay! Credit: @kiitanaxo

blackhairchallenge: alexuscrown with her natural hair
This hair-positive challenge is all about embracing your mane! Credit:

In this example, this gorgeous naturalista has chosen to share pictures of her big and beautiful mane in all its glory — isn’t it magical?

Just imagine how amazing this gravity-defying style would look with a bunch of flowers! Anyone else getting mane envy? Credit: @alexuscrown

blackhairchallenge: ATilly32 showing her short afro curly hairstyle
The big chop is more than a cut! Credit:

Don’t get us wrong: while we love being able to switch up our look with the help of extensions and wigs, we’re also all for embracing natural hair, too! And when we saw that the challenge inspired this user to go for the ‘big chop‘, we couldn’t help swoon! Credit: @ATilly32

Going natural should (and can) be a freeing and positive experience, and if you’re thinking of giving it a whirl, here’s what you should know before you transition!


Loved this beautiful challenge? Great! If you’re eager to see more gorgeous black hairstyles, head on over to our Black hairstyles page, for endless inspiration!

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