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Learn how to create a bantu knots hairstyle with 6 easy steps

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Have you always wanted to know how to part your hair for bantu knots and create the look at home?  Well you’re in luck, as we’ve put together a fool-proof tutorial just for you!


The bantu knots hairstyle has been worn by black-haired women for many years, yet only recently have we seen the style take stage on the runway. Not only are bantu knots a great protective hairstyle for your mane, but they also create the most wonderful heatless bantu curls, too!

Bantu knots (or bantu knot out, as it is often referred to) are inspired by the Bantu people of Africa, who would traditionally wear their hair in this style. However, bantu knots can be worn on all hair types and are really easy to create. Whether you want to wear them ‘knotted’ or simply sleep in the style to create stunning bantu curls for the next day, we have a super easy step-by-step bantu knots guide, below.

How to bantu knots: A step-by-step guide


bantu knots hairstyle: the size of your knots will determine the size of your bantu curls
Bantu knots are a cute and quirky style for naturalistas.

Step 1. Wash hair

Wash your hair with a deep cleansing wash and care system, like TRESemmé Cleanse & Replenish Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner, to remove any product build up on the scalp and hair.

Step 2. Detangle your hair

Creating a bantu knots hairstyle requires the hair to be parted all over, so it is best to get rid of any tangles now and prep your hair for the next step.

How to part your hair for bantu knots: follow our step by step bantu knots guide for a mohawk look - Instagram
Bantu knots in a mohawk style. Credit:

Step 3. Partially dry your hair

Know that you can create your bantu knots hairstyle with wet or dry hair, and is a decision only you can make, as you know your hair best. Generally damp hair is ideal, as it is more manageable and easier to work with. Okay, now for the fun part…

Step 4. Parting your hair

You may often ask ‘how to part hair for bantu knots’ but there is no one answer. What it comes down to is how big your want your knots to be, so think about how you want your finished look to be before you start.

If, like above, you want slightly smaller bantu knots, then you’ll need to create more sections; less knots and you’ll opt for bigger sections. Remember the more knots you have, the tighter the finished bantu curls will be, and the bigger the knots, the looser the waves once unravelled.

how to bantu knots - Multi coloured bantu knot out
Bantu knots hairstyle. Credit:

Step 5. Twist hair

Now let’s create your bantu knot out! Start at the front and begin to create equal sections, choosing between box or triangle shaped sections if you’re feeling more confident.

Apply a small amount of TRESemmé Make Waves Shape & Memorise Cream to each section. This is great for holding the shape of your curls, since the memorising formula remembers the waves, allowing you to revive them with a simple scrunch.

You can choose to secure each section with a hairband or go straight into twisting your hair. Once you begin twisting from the root down towards the tips, the hair will begin to curl into itself. When the hair is twisted into a ‘knot’, secure with a hairband or tucks the ends under your hair to hold the shape.

Step 6. Repeat

Repeat the process all over, keeping each section equal – et voila, you have a stunning bantu knots hairstyle! Now you know how to do a bantu knot, you can play around with the finish. Add hair cuffs to your twists, or spray them a fun colour, and you’ll instantly update your look and make it your own.


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21 April 2017