Alesha Dixon hair – like you’ve never seen it before!

Cool and casual – what's not to love?

Alesha Dixon hair inspiration’ may not yet be trending on social media, but the All Things Hair team unanimously believes that it should be! And we have to admit, the former popstar has been a firm hair-favourite of ours ever since her days in R&B girl group, Mis-Teeq (you remember them, right?). But why has the topic of ‘Alesha Dixon hair’ been popping up on our radar as of late?

We were pleasantly surprised when we found out that Ms Dixon was featured in InStyle magazine for the latest November issue – and we’ll bet you’ve never seen her like this before! So, take a look at the incredible shoot below, but be warned: major hair envy is sure to follow.

The ‘Alesha Dixon hair’ that we think is super refreshing!


Alesha Dixon hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Instyle magazine shoot
Alesha Dixon hair – like you’ve never seen it before! Credit:

For the UK edition of the magazine, the former Strictly Come Dancing winner wears her short hair casually pulled back into a ponytail. Set in relaxed country surroundings, the fashion shoot shows Alesha getting back to basics, posing with natural materials, as well as in a field with farm animals! We must say, it’s a very different image from the one she projects as a Britain’s Got Talent judge. Credit: @aleshaofficial

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