Hot afro hairstyles: Exciting new ideas to try now

Jeanette | 03 September 2016

Keep your ‘fro ahead of the game with these exciting new trends.

Feeling bored with your natural hair? We know it’s all too easy to fall into a hair rut, especially when we’re in between seasons, like we are now. But don’t get down in the dumps, because there really are so many amazing fun and quirky afro hairstyles to choose from!

So, in the spirit of making the most of your ‘fro, we’ve put together our favourite looks and styling ideas to help inspire you this year. Simply click through our gallery, or scroll down to see which looks made our exclusive list. 

Top afro hairstyles for 2016


Afro hairstyles: two black women with blonde small afro hairstyles
Afro hairstyles: TWAs. Credit: @kanobipollard.


The TWA (AKA teeny weenie afro) remains one of the most popular afro hairstyles for 2016. So, if you’re used to sporting a big bold ‘fro, why not take things down a notch and go for a cute TWA, instead? Likewise, if you already rock a TWA, give it a colourful update like @kanobipollard’s platinum blonde number and really work your curls with style!

Afro hairstyles: multicoloured afro hairstyle
Afro hairstyles: Funfetti. Credit: @rebeccataylorhair.


Why go for just one hair colour when you can have two? Which is why we were glad to see this hair colour trend take off for afro hair. It’s aptly named ‘Funfetti’, after the sweet, multicoloured sprinkles used to top baked goods – and looks as delicious as it sounds! Credit: @rebeccataylorhair.

Afro hairstyles: halo afro hairstyles the classic
Afro hairstyles: Halo. Credit: @vivinascimento7.


This afro hairstyle is the essence of every ‘fro – big and proud! No matter your hair texture or length, you should celebrate it in every form it takes. To get the height and volume that this look requires, use an afro pick to comb out your mane and create a halo of coils and curls. This look is all about taking it back to basics with hot retro vibes (thanks, The Get Down, for inspiring us!).Credit: @vivinascimento7.

Afro hairstyles: Candy pink afro hairstyles
Afro hairstyles: Candy pink. Credit: @africancreature.

Candy pink afro

Looking for a new hair colour to revive your ‘fro? Then why not draw inspiration from sweet candy pinks? The soft, pretty hue looks amazing in combination with afro hair textures, as well as working to complement darker skin tones. It’ll make your hair look good enough to eat! Credit: @africancreature.

Afro hairstyles: tapered afro hairstyles for black women
Afro hairstyles: Tapered afro. Credit: @arielvscupcake_.

Tapered afro

In the in between stage of growing out your teeny weenie afro? This is a perfect afro hairstyle in its own right, but it’s also great if you’re looking to channel a new ‘do while you grow out your mane. Just ask your stylist to keep the length on top, while subtly tapering towards the nape of the neck. It’ll still give you plenty to work with, while also being more manageable during the growing process! Credit: @arielvscupcake_.

Afro hairstyles: black woman with two toned black and red afro
Afro hairstyles: Two-toned. Credit: Dvora.

Two-toned afro

For 2016, we’ve seen so many black women opt for more than one hair colour for their afro hairstyles, and this two-toned hair trend is proof that it’s still going strong! To nail this look, we suggest picking one bold hue to contrast against your natural hair colour – it’s sure to be a head turner!

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Afro hairstyles: Heart shaped afro hairstyles
Afro hairstyles: Heart-shaped. Credit: @beauty_skindeep.

Heart-shaped afro

Heart-shaped afros? Trust us, after seeing this cute afro hairstyle, you’ll be rushing for the shears! Simply ask for layers to be cut into your ‘fro, with shorter lengths at the top and tapering at the neck. The end result? A quirky style that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Who’s the Queen of Hearts? That’s right, you are! Credit: @beauty_skindeep.

Afro hairstyles: Glitter afro ponytail
Afro hairstyles: Glittery afro. Credit:

Glittery afro

When we saw Ashish’s spring/summer 2016 catwalk show with models donning confetti and glitter, we knew that sparkly hair was set to be big for 2016. It’s also the perfect alternative to wearing a hair accessory, so your afro can be party-ready in seconds!

While the curly/coil texture of your hair will mostly help with keeping the glitter in place, try applying a little mousse before sprinkling sparkles into your hair, as this will ensure the glitter stays firmly put all night long. Now, bring on the boogie! Credit:

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