7 ‘Dos from Afropunk London that’ll give you serious hair-envy

Jeanette | 26 September 2016

Warning: serious hair-envy ahead!

Miserable that you missed Afropunk London this weekend? Well, don’t be sad if you didn’t make it, because we’re here to bring you all of the amazing looks from this years affair, so you don’t feel left out! Previously held in Brooklyn, New York and Paris, this year’s event was the first time that the music festival was held in the UK (exciting!), so expect to see the best of British on show!

Are you ready to see what black hairstyles totally slayed at the fest in North London’s Ally Pally? Then keep scrolling, because we’ve put together 7 of our favourite Instagram ‘dos from Saturday’s event. Just click through our gallery above or take a look down to discover what made our exclusive cut.

7 ‘Dos from Afropunk London that will make you green with hair-envy


Afropunk London: faux dreadlocks afropunk london
Afropunk London: Silver faux dreadlocks. Credit: Instagram.com/illestgrammer

Faux dreadlocks

Want to rock dreadlocks without the long-term hair commitment? Then why not try faux dreadlocks? They work as a great protective hairstyle, with the best part being, that you can rock them in whatever on-trend colour you desire! Just take a look at this silver-haired beauty, above, for inspiration. Credit: @illestgrammer

Afropunk London: cornrow hairstyle
Afropunk London: Classic cornrows. Credit: Instagram.com/sherionm

Classic cornrows

No Afropunk London hair list would be complete without cute and practical cornrows – they are the undisputed ruler of braided black hairstyles, that can be worn in so many ways! Still need convincing when it comes to this flat plait? Then you need to see our 8 reasons to love cornrow braids. It won’t be long before you get the look for yourself! Credit: @sherionm

Afropunk London: lilac hair ombre
Afropunk London: Lovely lilac ombre hair. Credit: Instagram.com/thenomadiclondoner

Lovely lilac

Whether it be deep violet, lilac or lavender, we’re absolutely in love with purple hair hues right now, especially when worked into a subtle ombre. Not only does this hair colour provide the perfect balance of pretty and punk, but it also works amazingly well against darker skin tones! Credit: @thenomadiclondoner

Afropunk London: afro faux hawk afropunk london
Afropunk London: ‘Frohawk. Credit: Instagram.com/visualsbywillis


The ‘frohawk is the perfect faux look that taps into 1970s hairstyles with its punk references. And the good news is, this look doesn’t require you to shave the side of your head – it’s just a row of cleverly placed ponytails, to give the impression of a sky-high mohawk! Pretty smart styling, right? Credit: @visualsbywillis

Afropunk London: power afro
Afropunk London: The power afro. Credit: Instagram.com/romanyfrancesca

The power afro

This afro hairstyle resembles the original ‘fros of the 1960s and ’70s. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s hold the true essence of every afro hairstyle out there. The key to nailing the look, is to make it a little rounder than modern styles – in fact, the more it looks like a hair halo, the better! Credit: @romanyfrancesca

Afropunk London: ombre box braids
Afropunk London: Ombre box braids. Credit: Instagram.com/mikmakkat

Ombre box braids

Remember what we said earlier, that we just can’t get enough of purple hair? Well, it should come as no surprise then that these purple ombre box braids made our list! And if you’re struggling for ideas on how to rock these braids best, let us teach you how to style your box braids for a party. Trust us, you’ll turn more than a few heads with one of these looks! Credit: @mikmakkat

Afropunk London: tapered afro afropunk london
Afropunk London: Blonde tapered afro. Credit: Instagram.com/hannahfaith__

Blonde tapered afro

Purple hair not quite your thing? Then why not try a beautiful golden blonde hue on for size? And why stop there? If you’re feeling a little more experimental with your natural locks, then you can also start playing around with the shape of your ‘fro, too. Simply ask your stylist to taper your cut and it’ll help to take your look from basic curls to outstanding naturalista in no time! Credit: @hannahfaith__


If the Afropunk London event wasn’t enough to give you some curly hair inspiration, then you need to check out our Black Hairstyles pages for all the hottest looks for your natural tresses! Also, to keep your kinks and coils in tip-top condition, don’t forget to take a look at our Natural Hair Care.

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