Woman wearing a braided ponytail

The Best Wedding Guest Hairstyles To Try

Invited to a wedding and ready to impress? Forget choosing your dress, today we’re talking about the best wedding guest hairstyles to (almost) steal the spotlight. No matter the season, there’s plenty of options to choose from.

Whatever part you’re playing in the nuptials, we promise there’ll be something for you.

21 Perfect Wedding Guest Hairstyles for The Big Day

1. Big bun

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Brunette with her hair in a big bun updo with loose curly strands
Pro tip: Keep a few face-framing strands of hair loose around your face for extra romance. Credit: Instagram.com/juna_limani

Pretty, simple buns will always be a wedding-season staple and they work well on long and short hair hair. Why? Well, the more hair you have, the fuller your bun will be and we don’t know about you, but we’re never ones to turn down extra volume.

Editor’s tip: Whichever one of these wedding guest hairstyles takes your fancy, hairspray is an absolute wedding day must.

We rate the TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray, which doesn’t feel heavy or stiff on the hair but provides just the right amount of hold and shine to maintain picture-perfect hair all day.

TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray Front

2. Half-up bow hairstyle

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Auburn hair in a half-up bow curly hairstyle
The perfect bow for the perfect wedding hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/jostringerbridaloccasions

This cutesy bow updo is an easy way to add a bit more detail to a traditional half-up style, while the curly lengths give an extra romantic touch.

3. Braided ponytail

braided ponytail
Braids, gems, volume, is there anything this style doesn’t have?

Need long hair wedding styles that’ll let you wear your hair up for the big day? A braided ponytail is a stunning way to wear your hair off of your face if you’re not a fan of traditional, full-on updos.

4. Braid into chignon style

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Woman with light brown/dark blonde hair in a French braid into a chignon bun
If it were possible to marry this hairstyle, we would. Credit: Instagram.com/julia_alesionok

An elegant chignon which shows off your shoulders and décolletage will always be a winning wedding guest style, and combining it with a French braid makes it even more special.

Pair with low back dresses and delicate jewellery for a look that’s completely captivating.

5. Bubble ponytail

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Woman with shiny brunette hair in a sleek bubble ponytail
Inject some fun with bubble braids. Credit: Instagram.com/jessivaleri

Already been to multiple weddings this year and getting bored of all of the usual wedding guest hairstyles for long hair? Pull yourself out of your hair rut and go for something more playful, like this fun bubble pony look – you won’t regret it!

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil Front


Editor’s tip: One of the things we love about this look is the contrast between the super sleek roots and the puffed-up ends.

To emulate this yourself, try using the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil just at the roots – it’ll give you a slick, ultra high-shine finish but don’t worry, it won’t look greasy.

6. Side braid

Woman with long blonde hair styled into side braid
We’re in love with this pretty side braid. Credit: Instagram.com/amberfillerup
The best wedding guest hairstyles should make you feel beautiful without being too hard to manage. A loose side braid is ideal and it’ll get only get better as the day goes on and it starts to look more lived-inFall in love with this pretty side braid. 

7. Romantic half-updo

Updos for long hair: Woman with long wavy brown hair in half-up, half-down wearing wedding dress
Half-up hair updos for long hair are perfect for a romantic look.

Blur the lines between aisle and red carpet with A-lister inspired clipped half-up hair, as seen on stars like Gigi Hadid. Simple and romantic, will perfectly fit the vibe of a cottage core wedding.

Dove Daily Moisture 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner Front of bottle

Editor’s tip: For shiny and glamorous strands, wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo like Dove Daily Moisture 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner that will give you a long-lasting moisture for the whole celebration. 

8. Curly twisted braid

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Back view of a woman with warm-toned brown curly hair in a twisted braid with floral accessories
Enhance braids with natural textures. Credit: Instagram.com/tmy_o3.pugmi

Thought you couldn’t braid curly hair? Whether they’re natural or styled, curls and braids actually make the dream hair pairing, adding an extra dimension to any long hairstyles.

Just make sure your curls are well combed through beforehand, as any tangles will make it harder to braid.

9. Beachy fishtail

Fishtail braids: Woman with long ombre brown and blonde wavy hair styled with a fishtail crown braid
Make like a princess with this crown fishtail plait hairstyle!

The name alone makes fishtail braids an obvious choice for beach-themed weddings. Complete the look with salty-looking tousled waves for added boho charm.

Next read: How to create a fishtail plait

10. French hawk updo

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Back view of a blonde woman with her hair in a French fauxhawk updo hairstyle
Who knew a mohawk could look so demure? Credit: Instagram.com/alex_haircraft

For guests wanting to go down an edgier route with their big day beauty look, let us introduce this rocking French braided faux mohawk. It’s just what you need to balance out an ultra feminine dress without going too wild.

11. French twist half-updo

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Back view of a woman with bronde hair in a curly half-up French twist
Gorgeously simple. Credit: Instagram.com/hanna_does_hair

Traditional French twists are a go-to wedding hairdo but for something more modern, look no further. This look has all of the elegance of the classic updo, in a fresh, undone way.

12. Hollywood waves

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Red haired woman in a white lace wedding dress with her long hair in side-parted Hollywood waves
An Oscar-winning look. Credit: Instagram.com/zivamsalem_official

There’s no denying that Hollywood waves are the epitome of glamour. And the good news is, they also make the ideal wedding guest hairstyles for long hair – particularly if you want to channel a sophisticated, vintage-inspired vibe.

13. Knot half-updo

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Back view of a woman with medium-long curly light brown hair in a half-up half-down knot hairstyle
Giving a whole new meaning to “tying the knot”! Credit: Instagram.com/ashfrankestyles

Wedding guest hairstyles don’t have to be too complex. Taking classic looks and adding new details, like this twisted knot, gives them a new lease of life and a more unique style.

14. Vintage pinned updo

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Back view of a woman with dark brown almost black hair in a low pinned updo style
Add vintage flair with a pinned updo. Credit: Instagram.com/evalynparsonsweddings

Vintage hairstyles for long hair are having a resurgence right now, and they really add something more to your wedding look.

This pinned updo is calling out to be worn with a lace dress and art deco earrings.

15. Pull-through braid

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Back view of a woman with golden brown hair in a voluminous pull through braid accessorised with small flowers
Statement braids are always a good option. Credit: Instagram.com/laura_hair_norwich

You may be surprised to find out that many of the braided wedding hairstyles for long hair that you’ve seen online might not actually be braids at all, but ponytails.

It’s true! Pull-through braids like this pearl-adorned version are actually just ponytails masquerading as braids, so they’re easier than you think.

16. Rose ponytail

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Back view of a woman with long curled chestut brown hair with a floral rose braid detail and a gold leaf clip
Every wedding needs flowers. Credit: Instagram.com/gulnazismayilova_

If flowers are a key part of a wedding day, why not tie the theme together with an accent flower braid? They can be added to all kinds of ponytails and half-up styles to add a whimsical flair.

17. Straight and sleek

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Side view of a woman with straight long dark hair with a bouffant
Bump it up for extra volume. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyclouise_

In some cases it’s best to let your dress do the talking but that doesn’t have to mean neglecting your hair. Bumped-up and tucked behind the ears, this sleek style is the ultimate example of straight hair styled well.

18. The textured pony

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Back view of a blonde woman with her hair in a wrapped textured low ponytail
The prettiest ponytail you ever did see. Credit: Instagram.com/headds_up_wedding_specialist

Bored of intricate wedding guest hairstyles for long hair? If you want an effortlessly undone look that’s still wedding-worthy, why not try this ultra chic messy ponytail?

With lots of volume and tonnes of impact, this look is great to rely on when you don’t want a tight updo.

19. Topsy turvy ponytail

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Back view of a brunette woman with waist-length hair in a bridal topsy turvy ponytail style
Happily ever after hair. Credit: Instagram.com/ulyana.aster

We’re not sure whether it’s the topsy turvy twisted details or the dainty hair vine accessories that make this look so gorgeous, but it’s surely a fairy tale hairstyle if ever we’ve seen one.

20. Waterfall braid

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: Close-up shot of a woman with curled dark hair in a waterfall braid
All you need is love (and braids). Credit: Instagram.com/deanna_khair

Waterfall braids look best when paired with undulating curls and their ability to look so good on their own takes away the need for any fancy accessories.

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