8 Wispy Bangs Styles to Completely Revamp Your Look

Are you keeping an eye on wispy bangs? If not, you're seriously missing out!  

We’re in the middle of a bangs revolution, ladies! And, if you’ve been keeping up with the latest fringe trends, then you’ll have seen swoop, long bangs and Co. taking over your feeds. But just when you think you’ve seen them all, an even dreamier trend comes along: wispy bangs.

Not quite as daring or high-maintenance as other bang styles, wispy bangs are delicate and piecey, see-through and practically made for fringe newbies. And guess what? The #Instababes below will make you want to get them.

Wispy Swoop Bangs on Short Hair

close up shot of woman with short pixie with side-swept bangs, wearing black top and posing with micro sunglasses
Swoop into the wispy bangs trend with this cool style. Credit: Instagram.com/micahgianneli

Here, this beauty has paired her wavy hairstyle + bangs with some on-trend micro sunglasses — and you should totally do the same! Credit: @micahgianneli



Editor’s tip: Bangs like this call for a hairspray. Our fave? The VO5 Flexible Hold Hairspray! This is perfect for styling bangs as it offers a flexible hold while keeping your bangs frizz-free.

Wispy Bardot Bangs

close up shot of woman with wispy bardot bangs, wearing black top and posing on the street
Tinkerbell, is that you? Credit: Instagram.com/macara__

You’ve heard of Bardot bangs, but have you heard of wispy Bardot bangs? If not, this beauty is here to provide you with a stunning example of what they look like.

If you love rocking a ponytail (erm, who doesn’t?), then this is the look for you. Not only will it allow you to show off your gorgeous bangs, but it will also make you feel like an off-duty model. Yes, please! Credit: @macara__

Wispy Long Bangs

close up shot of woman with wispy bangs, with ombre hair, posing outside
We can’t stop staring! Credit: Instagram.com/fatherkels

If anyone is going to show you how to rock wispy bangs, it’s this beauty. Her chocolate caramel ombre hairstyle proves that long, lash grazing bangs look ultra-romantic with piecey wisps cut into them. Credit: @fatherkels

Wispy Bangs on Long Hair

Woman with long brown balayage
Credit: Instagram.com/rockybarnes

Add an edge to extra-long hair by teaming it with wispy bangs. As this beauty demonstrates, it’s a look that will give your hair effortless cool-girl vibes. Credit: @rocky_barnes

Wispy Bangs on Short Hair

Woman with chestnut brown bob with wispy bangs
Credit: Instagram.com/maneaddicts

This trendsetter keeps her feathered, wispy bangs at the brow to complement her gorgeous bob. Since micro bangs and grey hair are also trending RN, you can easily take this pretty ‘do to edgier heights by combining the two trends. Credit: @maneaddicts

Editor’s tip: Want to make your wispy bangs look extra textured? All you have to do is spritz the
Love Beauty And Planet Volume & Bounty Dry Shampoo on them, before ruffling your fringe and styling it into place.

Wispy Side Bangs

Woman with blonde bob with wispy side bangs
Credit: Instagram.com/rambutseries

Get your flirt on with some modern, wispy side-swept bangs! Whether your hair is cropped and cute or long and lush, this face-flattering haircut will help draw attention to all the right angles. Now, you can’t argue with that!

All Wispy Everything

close up shot of woman with wispy layers and bangs, wearing white spaghetti top and posing for photo
All wispy everything! Credit: Instagram.com/brendakamt

If you’re loving this dreamy hair trend as much as we are, the fun doesn’t have to stop here! Working in wispy layers into your mane (as well as rocking a killer wispy fringe!) is just what you need to make your hair feel fresh again.

Wispy layers are perfect for creating the illusion of fuller and more voluminous locks in fine hair, so if that’s you, you know what to do — copy this Insta-babe, stat! Credit: @brendakamt

Wispy Ends

close up shot of woman with straight bangs with wispy ends, wearing glasses and holding flower
If you look closely, you can the wispy ends! Credit: Instagram.com/nyane

Not sure if this cool-girl trend will work for you? To test the waters, why not get wispy ends cut in, instead?

Here, this beauty has softened out her blunt fringe with romantic wisps, and we honestly can’t stop staring. How about you? Credit: @nyane