12 Different Types of Bangs Everyone’s Talking About

There are many different types of bangs dominating the mane scene, but which one will you go for?  

Bangs hairstyles are having a major revival! What are bangs? They are also called fringes and are simply strands or locks of hair that have been cut in a way to make them fall in front of the hairline. They’ve been around for ages but really came became popular around the 1930s, when movie actress Louise Brooks got a sleek short bob with bangs to match.

Nowadays, fringes are coveted by stars like Reese Witherspoon, Selena Gomez and Rihanna. If you’re questioning if you should get them or are wondering what different types of fringes are there, you’ve come to the right place.

Ahead, we’ve rounded-up 12 Insta-approved fringe hairstyles that are all the buzz, plus which face types they suit best and how to style them.

What Different Types of Fringes are There?

Discover the 12 different types of bangs that are trending in 2020, now.

Curtain Bangs

Types of bangs: Woman with long chestnut brown wavy hair with Bardot bangs, wearing a leopard print jacket
You won’t want to split up with these bangs! Credit: Instagram.com/beautyspock

Why everyone is talking about them: 

Two words: Brigitte Bardot! In the ’60s, the French actress/singer/model took the world by storm and gave everyone major bang envy. How? By showing us how gorgeous curtain bangs are.

Best for:

This French girl-approved fringe style is flattering on all face shapes (and suitable for all ages), plus you don’t need to have thick locks to pull off this look, as a wispy finish is key. Credit: @beautyspock

Editor’s tip: Wispy types of bangs, like this one, require a texturising spray to give them that beautifully nonchalant vibe. So, we suggest you give the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray a go!

Not only is this fringe-helper great for giving your mane a messy effect, but it can also help with the longevity of your style since it provides your mane with grip.

Cropped Bangs

Types of bangs guide: Kim Jones with a bleach blonde long bob styled with a micro fringe, wearing a seashell earring with a satin orange top
Baby bangs are back. Credit: Instagram.com/kimcamjones

Why everyone is talking about them:

According to Pinterest, searches for cropped bangs have gone up by 51%! And, 2019 is all about experimenting with daring and dramatic looks! The best way to start? By getting micro bangs (AKA baby bangs), which celebrities like Emma Watson and Bella Hadid have all been flaunting.

Best for:

Since micro bangs can be rocked wispy, choppy or blunt, they can be tailored to suit all face shapes. However, it is particularly flattering on those with heart-shaped faces, as it has a balancing effect that draws attention down and towards the eyes. Credit: @kimcamjones

Birkin Bangs

Types of bangs: Woman with long blonde hair with full Birkin bangs, wearing white and posing outside
Get into the groove with these Birkin-approved bangs! Credit: Instagram.com/montanalower

Why everyone is talking about them:

Ever since the Victoria’s Secret angels entered the fringe frenzy by all getting Jane Birkin-inspired bangs (these French icons sure do love a fringe!), Birkin bangs have been thrust into the spotlight.

Unlike Bardot bangs, these long bangs are left straight and layered, giving them an authentic ’70s cool-girl feel. And seeing how the above Insta-babe slays them, they’re sure to get you into the groove.

Best for:

While you may not be able to get your hands on a Birkin Bag, those with square or long face shapes can count on this eye-grazing style to add softness and create width, rather than elongating your look further. Credit: @montanalower

Wispy Full Fringe

Woman with wispy bangs and French bob haircut
Credit: Instagram.com/taylorlashae

Why everyone is talking about them:

Not quite as daring or high-maintenance as other types of bangs, wispy bangs are delicate and piecey, see-through and practically made for fringe newbies. Did we forget to mention French girls adore them?

Best for:

Again, these wispy bangs are perfect for bang newbies. Credit: @taylorlashae

Side Swept Fringe

Woman with platinum blonde medium length hair with side bangs, wearing a white top and posing in a cafe
You can’t go wrong with side bangs! Credit: Instagram.com/maceyslife

Why everyone is talking about them:

Though there are many different types of bangs being talked about at the moment, we always go back to the OG of bang hairstyles: side-swept bangs.

Side bangs work well on both long and short haircuts, providing the hair with more shape and definition. It’s also the one fringe hairstyle that requires the least commitment, too!

Best for:

Again, this fringe hairstyle works a treat on all face shapes. Though we have to say, it’s especially effective for those with round faces. Why? Because it’ll help counteract the circular look of a round face, drawing attention to all the right angles. Credit: @maceyslife

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Swoop Bangs

Woman with long bronde hair styled into dramatic swoop bangs, wearing a white bikini while posing outside
These type of bangs will sweep you away! Credit: Instagram.com/ashleapenfold

Why everyone is talking about them:

Back in the day, dramatic swoop bangs were all anyone wanted. But, we’ve spotted a few members of the glitterati rocking them recently (we’re looking at you, Reese Witherspoon!), meaning they’re a fringe style to watch.

Unlike side bangs, these types of bangs are much longer and perfect for those of you who want a voluminous look.

Best for:

Since this fringe cut is swept over to a side of your choice, its another type of bang that can flatter all face types and hair textures. Credit: @ashleapenfold

Editor’s tip: Swoop bangs like this call for a lot of volume, which is why we suggest you use the TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Thickening Balm. Apply it through damp hair before blow drying to give your hair texture and make it feel thicker.

Full Blunt Bangs

Type of bangs guide: Woman with long dark brown hair and blunt bangs, wearing white top, with white lipstick and posing against a white wall
To put it bluntly, these bangs are bangin’. Credit: Instagram.com/jessicamiller0

Why everyone is talking about them:

Because Anna Wintour and Cardi B approve of them, of course! And, if you want to give off high-fashion vibes, this polished and pristine fringe style is all you need. Anyone else getting #girlbossvibes?

Best for:

These blunt and bold bangs are not made for the faint-hearted! With that in mind, we do think it’s a mesmerising style that can work for ladies with oval face shapes, who are able and lucky enough to pull off anything. Credit: @jessicamiller0

Editor’s tip: Straight types of bangs, like this one, need the TONI&GUY Flawless Sleek Creation Hairspray to get them rightThis hairspray is ideal for creating and finishing your look, all while leaving your locks sparkling.

Curly Bangs

types of bangs: close up shot of woman with curly bangs hairstyle, wearing denim jacket and posing
Where are our curls at? Credit: Instagram.com/brittsully

Why everyone is talking about them:

Curls of all shapes and sizes are being celebrated (as they should be!), so it makes sense for curly bangs to take centre stage, too. Need more convincing? Check out this Insta-babe’s gorgeously feminine fringe + curls combo.

Best for:

Again, like micro bangs, these types of bangs can be tailored to match any face shape, but it also depends on what sort of finish you’re aiming for.

If you’re still struggling to figure it out, finding a stylist who understands how to cut and style curly hair will help you out. Credit: @brittsully

Editor’s tip: These types of bangs need a smoothing oil, like the Dove Advanced Hair Series Shine Revived Treatment to help keep them intact.

So, if you want tame any loose flyaways or make your hair look shinier, a few drops of this miracle oil will help keep frizz at bay, allowing you to make the most out of your curly mane.

Choppy Bangs

Woman with long dark to ash blonde ombre with choppy bangs
Credit: Instagram.com/thy.time

Why everyone is talking about them:

Because they’re a great way to instantly revamp your look.

Best for:

These type of bangs can work on all face types and hair textures! Credit: @thy.time

Pixie Cut Bangs

Woman with short dark brown pixie haircut with spiky bangs
Credit: Instagram.com/ursulolita

Why everyone is talking about them:

With all your favourite celebs going shorter, it’s no surprise pixie cuts are becoming the trend du jour. Now, if you really want yours to stand out, you’ll need to team it with French girl-approved bangs like these ones pictured above.

Best for:

Babes with pixie cuts. Credit: @ursulolita

Wavy Bangs

Woman with dark medium length shag cut with wavy bangs
Credit: Instagram.com/mermaidjxde

Why everyone is talking about them:

When it comes to bangs, the best ones help you embrace your texture. Enter: wavy bangs! They are perfect for those with Type 2 wavy hair, or those who don’t mind achieving them with the help of styling tools.

Best for:

Mainly for ladies with natural waves, but they are also the perfect bang type for those with fine hair. Credit: @mermaidjxde

Long Bangs

Woman with long strawberry blonde wavy hair with long bangs
Credit: Instagram.com/glendalesalonspa

Why everyone is talking about them:

You can’t ever go wrong with long, face-framing bangs. Whether it’s long side-swept bangs or thick long ones, these types of bangs are an easy way to refresh your look.

Best for:
Long bangs will work perfectly for those who want to make a small change with maximum impact. Also, if you’ve got an angular face shape that needs softening, these bangs will do the trick. Credit: @glendalesalonspa

What Type of Fringe is Best for Your Face Shape?

Infographic of different face shapes and the fringe
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Round Faces

If your face is round, you can create definition and add the illusion of angles with side-swept fringes, choppy fringes and rounded blunt bangs.

Square Faces

Try a long fringe, tousled sides fringes and piece-y bangs. These types of fringes will do a great job of softening up your angular features.

Oval Face Shapes

Lucky enough to have an oval face? You can try any of the fringes mentioned, as you have the most balanced face shape.

Heart Face Shapes

If you have a heart-shaped face, you’ll need to pick fringe types that can help balance out your features. You can opt for a choppy fringe, wispy ones or keep this simple with some side bangs.

Long Faces

Want to make your long face appear shorter? Stick to long, heavy fringes. Swoop bangs or Birkin style fringes are our favourites for this face shape.

Diamond Face Shapes

Trying to create the illusion of an oval shape with your diamond face? Opt for long, side-swept bangs to highlight your cheekbones. Or, get a Bardot-esque fringe that is fuller on the side and softer in the middle.

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