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Great fringe ideas for bangs newbies

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Let the bangs do the talking…


Getting bangs isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Being able to change your entire appearance, getting a fringe depends a lot of things, from your hair type to your face shape – so determining which one will suit you is of paramount importance. But luckily for you, we’re on hand with our great fringe ideas for bangs newbies!

Whether you’re a seasoned bangs-wearer or a fresh-faced novice, we’ve put together a practical guide to fringes that’ll inspire your next trip to the salon. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and take a look at our bangin’ ideas! 

6 Fringe ideas you need to try now


model with dark brown hair wearing one of our blunt fringe ideas
Fringe ideas: A sharp blunt fringe. Credit:

Blunt fringe

For fringe newbies, this classic straight cut fringe is typically heavy and full. While once reserved solely for school girls, if worked properly, this often tricky fringe style has more potential than just offering youthful charm. In fact, the effects can be utterly modern. Those of you lucky enough to have long or oval-shaped faces will look great with blunt bangs, since the fullness of the cut balances out your elongated proportions.

Editor’s tip: To get your bangs ultra blunt, run a straightener over them and use some VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Spray, to help ensure that your bangs don’t become dry or frizzy!

model with light brown hair and a soft round fringe
Fringe ideas: A soft rounded fringe. Credit:


If you like the idea of blunt bangs, but think it might be a little harsh on your features, you might want to consider a graduated style. Like the name suggests, this fringe is rounded at the sides, providing a curved line that gently frames the face. Perfect for softening square faces, model and all-round cool girl Alexa Chung is the poster girl for this fringe. Need we say more?

model with long blonde hair and a side swept fringe
Fringe ideas: Side fringe. Credit:

Side fringe

If we had to pick, this fringe is probably the most versatile and flattering of all (though, we have to say, it’s especially effective if you have a round or square-shaped face). And the best part is, if you’re clever about what you ask your stylist for, it’s also the one fringe idea that requires the least commitment, too!

So, if you’re feeling unsure about cutting in a fringe, request a slightly longer style that sweeps across your face and finishes just below your cheekbone. This way, you’ll have the flexibility to tuck or pin it behind your ear. Pretty neat, right?

choppy fringe bob on dark brown hair
Fringe ideas: Choppy fringe with a wavy bob. Credit:

Choppy cuts

This look is a subtle alternative to standard straight-cut fringes, since the piecey style can look less severe, requires less commitment, and works brilliantly with layered hairstyles to boot! But the real cincher? We like to think it also eludes a certain rock ‘n’ roll coolness – just look at Kate Moss for proof.

Editor’s tip: Styling choppy bangs really couldn’t be simpler, just grab your bottle of TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Dry Defining Spray and spritz it over your mane for an edgy, lived-in look.

catwalk model with brown red hair and a long fringe
Fringe ideas: Long fringe. Credit:

Long fringe

Long fringe haircuts also work a treat for anyone lacking confidence. These brow-skimming bangs are cut relatively long (at the end of your brow bone), so they can still be easily pinned to one side, or worn casually parted a la Sienna Miller. Plus, if you decide you don’t like the idea of a fringe anymore, it’ll grow out before you know it. Bonus!

catwalk model wearing micro bangs on the runway
Fringe ideas: Baby bangs. Credit:

Baby bangs

We’ll be honest: this high-maintenance fringe – inspired by retro pin-up Betty Page – isn’t for the flighty or faint of heart. And yes, it can be a difficult style to pull-off, but don’t let that put you off, because when done right, boy does it look striking (and then some!).

If you want to take the plunge, be prepared for daily maintenance and regular trims. As well as that, make sure you’re really ready for the drastic cut – we suggest starting with a longer fringe and gradually cutting it shorter to avoid any #HairRegrets. But aside from that, get ready for the compliments! Watch out Queen Bey.


We bet that you’ve just booked your next salon appointment, right? Well, before you get the chop, we think you should take a look the celebs rocking a bob and bangs, just for some extra hair inspo!

21 January 2017