Black hairstyles with fringes: Instagram’s best

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When it comes to switching up your look, we can’t deny that one of the best ways of doing so, is to cut in some beautiful bangs. But while getting a fringe can be an exciting change, it can make for an unflattering look when done poorly (eek!). So, instead of wondering what black hairstyles with fringes will work with your face type and hair, why not take the guesswork out of the equation and look through our top finds from Instagram?

Just click through our gallery above or scroll down to discover our 6 favourites, all without touching a pair of scissors. You’re welcome!

Black hairstyles with fringes: Our favourites from Instagram

Afro hair black hairstyles with fringe
Black hairstyles with fringes: Curly fringe. Credit: @avielleamor.

Curly fringe

Thought that fringes were purely reserved for straight black hair? Well, think again. Because this curly fringe proves that you really can rock bouncy bangs – even with natural afro hair! Just a heads up: to figure out the perfect length for your new fringe, you’ll need to gauge how much your coils and curls shrink, otherwise you could be left with a very short (and very curly) micro fringe.  Credit: @avielleamor.

high bun with rounded fringe
Black hairstyles with fringes: The rounded fringe & bun. Credit: @itsmebfairley.

The rounded fringe with bun

While there’s nothing new about a ballerina-inspired bun, what makes this look a cut above the rest is the addition of a subtle, rounded fringe. This fringe is perfect for heart-shaped faces as it conceals and balances out the typically wider forehead of this face shape. Just request your stylist to put in a heavy fringe that gently curves on either side, sitting at the top of your cheekbones. Credit: @itsmebfairley.

black straight pixie cut with a long grown out fringe
Black hairstyles with fringes: Pixie with grown-out fringe. Credit: @fal_pina.

Pixie with a long grown-out fringe

Working a pretty pixie when you have a fuller face shape isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But with that said, it’s not impossible: all that you need to do is adapt your fringe type! Try out a long side fringe (like the lovely lady above) and let the long, grown-out fringe weave its magic. This look works a treat at slimming round and square face shapes, with the feminine curve of the fringe counteracting any disproportions. Credit: @fal_pina.

side swept fringe
Black hairstyles with fringes: Side fringe with layered haircut. Credit: @ohso805.

Sweeping side fringe with layered haircut

If you’re not fully sold on the idea of adding in some bangs to your look, then why not try this side-sweeping fringe on for size? Not only does this cut allow you to experiment with a fringe for your face shape, but we think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that this hairstyle wouldn’t flatter! The subtle fringe is a cross between bangs and a long layer, meaning that it blends seamlessly with the rest of your look. Genius!  Credit: @ohso805.

Black hairstyles with fringes choppy pixie with fringe
Black hairstyles with fringes: Choppy pixie. Credit: @jessica__boom.

Choppy fringe and pixie

If you were lucky enough to be blessed with a versatile oval face, a short fringe will look amazing on you! Cute and choppy, this pixie and fringe combo is just perfect for ladies that want to rock a short and edgy look. It may mean more trips to the stylists chair for maintenance, but we think you’ll agree, it’d be totally worth it! Credit: @jessica__boom.

purple blunt fringe and high bun
Black hairstyles with fringes: Blunt fringe and high bun. Credit: @itsmyrayeraye.

Blunt fringe and high bun

Just like pixie bangs, a blunt fringe, with its bold and full-on finish, can be equally tricky to work! But if you’re after a look with loads of impact, then follow in the footsteps of the Instagrammer above, and opt for a blunt fringe and high bun duo. Upgrading her hairstyle with a touch of purple, she’s simply sprayed her ‘do with a pretty, temporary hair colour! She certainly knows how to play the hair game right. Credit: @itsmyrayeraye.

Still not found the right fringe to give your look some bang(s)? Then you need to spend some time on our Bangs and Fringes page – whether you’re a fringing newbie or not, you’re sure to be inspired by all the latest looks!

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