26 Best Brown Balayage Hair Colours to Inspire Your Next Look

Thought balayage was reserved just for blonde highlights? Well, these brunette balayage looks will prove you otherwise!  

Brown balayage is a colouring technique that creates a natural-looking hair colour on brown hair. It combines blondes, caramels, chocolates, light brown, coffee tones and mahogany tones, which are hand-painted to create a subtle style all over brunette hair. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with brown balayage if you have other hair colours!

Love the idea of working balayage on brown hair? Step forward to our carefully-curated hair gallery, which proves that this trend works on just about everyone. We’ve combed the web to bring you our favourite looks – from the runways to Instagram – to help you feel inspired.

Coco Balayage on Dark Hair

Woman with dark long hair with cocoa brown subtle highlights in her hair
Credit: Instagram.com/sincerely__melissa

A quick way to make naturally dark hair look interesting? By going just a shade or two lighter than your current hue to get this stunning result. Credit: @sincerely__melissa

Cinnamon Swirl Brunette Balayage

Cinnamon-inspired brunette balayage on medium length dark brown hair
Credit: Instagram.com/sincerely__melissa

The cinnamon blonde tones in this hue are a refreshing change from the usual gold and browns. Credit: @sincerely__melissa

Editor’s tip: We suggest using the VO5 Smoothly Does It Tame & Shine Spray, as this will not only give your hair an ultra-glossy finish, but it won’t weigh your hair down either (bonus!).

Sun-kissed Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Woman with long dark hair with blonde balayage on brown hair
Credit: Instagram.com/behindchair_com

You can’t really go wrong with sunny blonde tones, especially if you have really dark hair. Credit: @behindchair_com

Brown Balayage on Long Bob Haircut

Woman with long bob haircut with light chocolate balayage highlights in it
Credit: Instagram.com/thekathair

We’re especially into this long bob haircut with lighter tones woven into it. What about you?Credit: @thekathair

Golden Balayage on Light Brown Hair

Woman with blown out, long light brown hair with golden balayage hair colour
Credit: Instagram.com/kalicolourshair

The reason why golden blonde balayage is great for brunette hair? It does a wonderful job of framing and brightening your face.Credit: @kalicolourshair

Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

brown balayage natural hair
Brown balayage on natural hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

This is a great example of how to work barely-there brown balayage on natural black hair. Just remember to keep your roots and face-framing tresses dark, and work the richness and warmth of your chosen hues close to your face, as this will help to compliment Afro-Caribbean skin tones.

Caramel Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

brunette balayage with caramels
Soft caramels make for romantic locks! Credit: Instagram.com/denizprocksch

Don’t be fooled into thinking brown balayage is boring because it is anything but. Dark-haired babes can have to much fun with this trend and end up rocking multi-dimensional hair. We especially love this look that combines soft caramels with brunette balayage – isn’t it just dreamy?! Credit: @denizprocksch

Auburn Balayage on Brown Hair

Brunette Balayage with warm reds
The perfect Autumnal shade! Credit: Instagram.com/carlybellhair

Brunette babes can have some fun with their colour! We love these Autumnal hues, that work amazingly well on dark hair. Combine different shades of red and auburn with brown balayage to create a warm, lit-from-within finish. Credit: @carlybellhair

Balayage Brown to Red

Brown balayage
A little bit fiery, a whole lot lovely. Credit: Instagram.com/rhiannon__711

Want something a little more daring? Nothing can beat a few well-placed red highlights, paired with hints of brown and ultra-dark roots.

This look screams drama and it will give your mane a whole new lease of life, leaving a lasting impression on all who gaze upon it! Bold beauty lovers, this is one for you. Credit: @rhianon_711

Brown Blonde Balayage

Balayage dark hair with fringe
Fringe-tastic! Credit: Instagram.com/jillian_r

For soft, sultry tresses, pair brunette balayage with a fringe to help frame your face and emphasise the different shades in your hair. Opt for feathered bangs with your brown balayage, like this Instagrammer, and you’ll have a look that is fresh, flirty and fun. Credit: @jillian_r

Chocolate Brown Balayage

Dark hair balayage
Dark, caramel, chocolate swirl. So good! Credit: Instagram.com/mrhairartistry

Keep things on the dark side and go for a look that embraces your natural shade. If you’ve got very dark tresses, caramel, chocolate and cocoa balayage highlights will look stunning when applied from the mid-lengths down to the ends of your hair. Credit: @mrhairartistry

Classic Brown Balayage

Balayage on brown hair
The no colour, colour. We love! Credit: Instagram.com/courtneygus_hair

Think soft, barely-there colour for your most natural look yet! The ends combine varying shades of browns, with just a tiny hint of blonde, for that extra depth. This will ensure that your colour never looks flat, working with your natural base tones to enhance every strand! Credit: @courneygus_hair

Subtle Balayage on Brown Hair

Balayage on brown hair
Low maintenance colour at it’s best. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyrhie

For a real sun-kissed look, keep the colour transition super soft. The roots of your hair should be kept uncoloured, while caramel and brown highlights make it look as if you’ve spent your days on a tropical beach. For a more sleek finish, simply blowdry or straighten your hair smooth perfection. Credit: @hairbyrhie 

Editor’s tip: Whatever brunette balayage colour you choose, ensure that you make the most of it with a tailored wash and care system.

We suggest trying the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Vibrance Protection Shampoo and Conditionerwhich will gently cleanse your strands and help to keep your hue looking its best!

Brown and Pink Balayage

Rose gold balayage on dark hair
Golden rose on a dark base. We love. Credit: Instagram.com/n.ingramluck

Think soft pinks, rose golds, a touch of blonde and, of course, brunette balayage highlights to complete the look. Lighter shades applied from the mid-length will give your hair the serious ‘wow’ factor we all crave!  Credit: @n.ingramluck

Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Balayage with dark chocolate tones
Hair so good, you’ll do a double-take! Credit: Instagram.com/robertgardnerhairstylist

If you want to stay true to your natural colour, but add richness and vibrancy, go for brown balayage with shades of coffee and dark cocoa. No one will suspect you’ve been to the salon and yet you’ll have an utterly stunning look! Credit: @robertgardner 

Glossy Brown Balayage

Dark shiny hair on brown balayage
The ultimate glossy finish. Credit: Instagram.com/ana.rinsesalon

The best thing about brunette balayage is how glossy and healthy-looking it can make your hair appear! Chat with your stylist about shades that will work with your natural colour, to give you a brilliant high-shine finish. Credit: @ana.rinsesalon

Rose Gold Balayage on Brown Hair

Rose gold balayage for brown hair
Match your phone to your hair with rose gold tones! Credit: Instagram.com/colorbyashley

We’re loving this rose gold-inspired look that has been created by mixing browns, caramels and toffee blonde shades. It’s sweet, it’s feminine and it’s got our names written all over it. Credit: @colorbyashley

Brown Balayage on Long Hair

Dark balayage hair with caramels
Long tumbling waves complement the stunning colour. Credit: Instagram.com/alissonacostaoficial_

The hand-painted effect of brunette balayage gives darker hair a dose of vibrancy. Chunkier flashes of colour work together with thinner highlights, giving your hair a beautiful, glamorous edge. We simply love, love, love it! Credit: @alissonacostaoficial_

Caramel Balayage on Brown Hair

Subtle balayage for long hair. Credit: Instagram.com/lydiaemillen

Take a leaf out of this Instagrammer’s book and keep your brown balayage au natural. It’s a practical and low-maintenance hair colour choice, which is probably why it has become the colour of choice for many fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Credit: @lydiaemillen

Warm Brown Balayage

The colour trend also works on short hair! Credit: Instagram.com/alluringblandishment

Thought balayage was only suitable for straight or wavy hair types? Then consider this your colouring wake-up call, naturalistas, because brown balayage is an incredible way to up your mane game this season!

To subtly and effortlessly add definition to your curls, choose brown balayage highlights that are just a few shades lighter than your natural hue. Whether you have a TWA or an ultra-bold ‘fro, you’ll make your curls pop.  Credit: @alluringblandishmen

Light Brown Balayage

brown balayage short hair
Brown balayage on short hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Why not try working warm brown hues to highlight the layers and textures of a choppy long bob? Taken from the runway, this fab ‘do nails two hair trends at once: beautiful brown balayage and a practical mid-length lob. Sign us up!

Brown to Blonde Balayage

Use brown balayage to show-off your braids. Credit: Instagram.com/kennaleeann_hairstylist

If perfectly executed, brown balayage can also improve the look of your braided hairstyles. Take the above style, for example, we love how it highlights and upgrades this simple side braid, making the weaving motion all the more captivating. Credit: @kennaleeann_hairstylist

Beautiful Balayage Brown Hair

chocolate brown balayage hair
Brown balayage on long hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Want another reason to love the balayage hair colouring technique? Then know that you can personalise your look to suit your skin tone and face shape (yes, hair contouring is a thing!).

Work with your stylist to figure out the best shades and placement for your complexion, and you’ll soon have a look that flatters your face and suits you to a T.

Balayage Brown on Black Hair

Brown long bob. Credit: Instagram.com/@hairbytawnee

Worried that brown balayage won’t work on Asian hair? Don’t fear: the key to rocking this trend is to keep your brown tones within the caramel colour spectrum.

Because these soft hues are still within the warm colour range, it flatters medium, yellow-based or tanned skin tones without looking harsh or brassy. Credit: @hairbytawnee

Chocolate Brown Balayage Highlights

Relaxed hair can rock the colour trend too. Credit: Instagram.com/brandilou88

If you’re still on the fence about brown balayage and black hair, this look is sure to tip your vote in favour of ‘yes’. Work the lighter colour further down the hair length, and it will help to slim and enhance all the right features in your face. Credit: @brandilou88

Copper Brown Hair Balayage

Lovely long hair with caramel balayage. Credit: Instagram.com/jessicaannebach

Don’t go thinking that balayage is a seasonal colour transition, either, as it works as a year-round look! Blending caramel tones with your brown balayage will make for a seamless colour combination that works come rain or shine – meaning you’ll be just as ready for the beach as you are for pumpkin carving. Credit: @jessicaannebach

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