Balayage highlights: 5 reasons why you should try the trend

All Things Hair | 29 September 2017
sunkissed balayage highlights

Scared to try out an all-over hair hue? Consider balayage highlights your style saviours! 


Unicorn hues, floral afros, pixie cuts, denim hair. There are many trends out there tempting you to try them, but not all are suitable for everyday wear; yet if there was one trend that was going to be voted ‘most wearable’, it would most definitely be balayage highlights.

So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, balayage is a colouring technique whose name derives from the French word ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’, meaning your hair will be hand painted with colour, rather than with foils.

The results are more natural than traditional highlights and leave you with a multi-dimensional finish, so you can go wild with colour or simply enhance your natural shade with warm tones. Still not convinced? Take a look before for 5 reasons why you need to give it a go, below…

5 reasons to try balayage highlights


Balayage highlights
Balayage: your new bestie! Credit:

1. It will add depth to your natural hair colour

Balayage highlights are a great tool for enhancing your existing hairstyle and for adding depth to your natural tones. This trend is also a great way for you to experiment with colour, without committing to an all-over shade or covering up your natural colour.

But aside from that, choosing a combination of strategically placed highlights can be incredibly flattering and also help to instantly brighten your complexion – just speak to your stylish for advice on which colours will work best for you.

2.  Achieve a sun-kissed look all year round

Love the look of your locks post-holiday? Us too. But as time goes on, those sun-kissed strands will slowly start to fade back to your natural hue (sigh). Luckily, though, you don’t have to get all sad-face on us just yet, as with balayage, you can recreate that ‘just off the beach’ look all year round.

Balayage highlights are an ideal option for those who want to experiment with going blonde but don’t want the up-keep of a full-head of blonde highlights. Think darker roots, transitioning down into a mixture of lighter tones at the ends of your hair. Credit: @kaseyrayton

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Remember: If you’re going to colour your hair, it’s important to swap out your regular wash and care duo for one that has been specifically formulated with dyed hair in mind. Try the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner, which will gently cleanse and protect your beautiful balayage.

sunkissed balayage highlights
Post-holiday colour, minus the airfare! Credit:

3. Balayage highlights are low maintenance

Switching up your hair colour can be a time consuming business – especially when it comes to maintenance. You’ll be pleased to hear, however, that by investing in balayage highlights, you can take advantage of a non-committal colour that won’t need retouching as often.

As stylists will often work to maintain your natural colour at the roots, there’s hardly any need to worry about unsightly regrowth lines – though, of course, you’ll need to have the highlights topped up to keep them looking vibrant, as and when needed.

So if you’re looking to give your natural hair colour a little extra je ne sais qois (minus the high maintenance regime), balayage really is a no brainer!

4. It’s more cost effective

Believe it or not, switching up your hair colour doesn’t have to break the bank. As we pointed out, you won’t to have your highlights retouched as often as an all-over dye job, meaning the cost of salon trips will be way down!

Although balayage highlights may initially set you back a little more than traditional foil highlights, due to the low maintenance nature of this method (and the fact that ‘roots’ are a big part of the look), you’ll find they’re actually more cost effective in the long run. We’re sold! Credit@oligopro

Blonde balayage highlights with dark roots
Outgrown roots? Now it’s a good thing. Credit:

5. Gracefully grow out old highlights

Depending on your natural hair colour, it’s sometimes difficult to achieve a complete colour change in one step, especially if you’re going from dark to light, or vice versa.

A big advantage of balayage highlights is that it’ll allow you to embrace a subtle, yet high impact colour change gradually. Oh, and it’s also a great way to grow out your old highlights gracefully and add in light, warmth and depth to your dark hair. Credit: @hairbybrittney


Have we convinced you to try balayage highlights? Well, if you’re still not sure if this is the colouring technique for you, brush up on your knowledge with our ombre vs. balayage piece and make an educated decision.

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