Beautiful balayage hair colour ideas you’ll love

All Things Hair | 27 November 2016

Neat colour ideas coming your way!

Looking for beautiful balayage hair colour ideas? Of course you are. After all, balayage is one of the most sought-after hair trends of year, and is dearly loved by A-listers, supermodels, and street stylers alike. And it should come as no surprise that this hand painted technique has had such a meteoric rise to hair fame, since it can deliver a totally unique finish, no matter what your natural hue!

But with balayage becoming such a tried and tested look for many women, you may be asking yourself: what has ensured its longevity in the style stakes? Well, it comes down to the fact that there are just so many ways to wear it – from subtle highlights to playful hair hues, the world really is your balayage oyster. So, to discover the hottest ways to rock the look this season, keep on scrolling, and prepare to make your next salon appointment!

Balayage hair colour ideas you’ll love


Balayage hair colour ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - cinnamon streaks
Balayage hair colour ideas you’ll love: Cinnamon. Credit:

Cinnamon streaks

If you’re less than subtle with your style choices, and love to make a big (and lasting) impression on everyone you meet, then this could the look for you! Working on a dark base tone, the addition of cinnamon streaks will instantly inject loads of warmth and vibrancy into your locks, with a finish that resembles gently glowing embers. Talk about your hot hair colours! Credit: @karma_hairdesign

Balayage hair colour ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Toffee tones
Balayage hair colour ideas you’ll love: Toffee tones. Credit:

Toffee tones

Feel like giving your mane a seasonal shake-up, but tired of the same brown hair colours? Don’t fret, because it is totally acceptable to give your winter tresses a bright and uplifting feel, with some stunning toffee tones! Another great way to mix up deep brown locks, this look works shades of blonde, toffee, and caramel in balayage streaks, that gradually lighten towards your tips. Trust us, this is one delicious hair colour that’s hard to beat! Credit: @studiodenisemacedo

Balayage hair colour ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Subtle strawberry blonde
Balayage hair colour ideas you’ll love: Subtle strawberry blonde. Credit:

Subtle strawberry blonde

You might think that Elizabeth Olson’s baby blonde hair is too light for balayage, but you couldn’t be more wrong! And this gorgeous Instagrammer proves that working subtle, strawberry blonde balayage highlights through blonde hair, can actually add plenty of warmth and movement to your look. It’s fun, it’s playful, and it’s totally stolen our hearts! Credit: @hannahemersonla

Balayage hair colour ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - super fine highlights
Balayage hair colour ideas you’ll love: Super-fine highlights. Credit:

Super-fine highlights

This stunning, natural-looking set of highlights gives a luscious sun-kissed effect, thanks to the free-hand ‘painting’ technique of balayage. It also makes an ideal style choice for blonde-haired ladies that want a low maintenance look! Why? Because the subtlety of your highlights will enable the natural colour of your hair to grow through, without creating any contrasting hues. No more root touch ups for you! Credit: @amandatua_edwardsandco 

Balayage hair colour ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - splashlights
Balayage hair colour ideas you’ll love: Splashlights. Credit:


This ultra-edgy take on the balayage technique involves painting bright hues onto the middle of the strands, making it appear as though the hair has been ‘splashed’ with colour. This look has just started making its debut on the world’s catwalks and red carpets, so we’re predicting big things for it over the next few seasons! Watch this space. Credit: @vika_la_viktoria

Balayage hair colour ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Grey balayage
Balayage hair colour ideas you’ll love: Grey balayage. Credit:

Grey balayage

With grey hair being a hot-to-trot trend, it was only a matter of time before the balayage technique took hold and reworked it for its own. Simply ask your stylist to add in some charcoal grey tones to the top and mid lengths of your hair, and gently lightening the colour towards to tips. The end result will be a look that has loads of depth and dimension, with a cool and icy finish! Credit: @heyjuneyapetunia

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