Top Korean hairstyles for 2016 according to Instagram

Discover the biggest Korean hair trends for this year, courtesy of Instagram.

Lots of weird and wonderful beauty trends – as well as fashion-forward hairstyles – originate from Korea. And it’s no secret that the K-Pop craze has had a huge influence on Korean hairstyles. With so many Korean hair trends out there, we wanted to find out which ones were set to be big hits for 2016.

So, we’ve searched high and low on Instagram to find the most popular Korean hairstyles for this year, because, well, where else could be better than the digital lookbook with universal reach! Keep reading to find out which cool Korean hairstyles you should know about for 2016 now.

Top trending Korean hairstyles on Instagram


korean hairstyles for women 2016
Coloured ombre. Credit:

1. Coloured ombre

Forget your regular brown and blonde ombre, because according to Instagram, funky, brightly coloured ombre hair is a big hit with Korean fashionistas. Anyone can pull off this look, no matter whether you have short or long hair.

Just know that if you have naturally dark tresses, you’ll need to opt for a colour that’s bright enough to show up, like a dark purple or blue, or you’ll have to hit the bleach beforehand. Credit: @korean_hair_salon

korean hairstyles fringe and waves
Light fringe and waves. Credit:

2. Light fringe and loose waves

Meet one of our fave Korean hairstyles for this year: a light, feathery fringe accompanied by some loose, feminine waves. The fringe will help draw attention to your eyes, without covering them completely, while the soft curls will help open up your face for the most flattering effect. Credit: @kara_youngji_hur

korean hair accessories flowers
Hair accessories. Credit:

3. Hair accessories

Whether you have long or short hair, you’ll be happy to know that you can rock this look with ease. All you need to do is create a deep side parting, and then accessorise your tresses with some pretty, delicate hair pieces!

These can either be clipped into your hair, or gently tucked behind one ear. Credit: @hair-jiyeon2__

choppy fringe red hair korean hair
Bold colour and long choppy fringe. Credit:

4. Bold colour and heavy fringe

If you’re feeling brave, then this head-turning, bold hairstyle might just be the one for you. It’s a sure hit with Korean Instagrammers, and we can totally see why.

Whether you opt for red, pink, blue or green, the bright hue will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, while a long, heavy fringe will help frame your features in the chicest way. Credit: @yura_936

Editor’s tip: Just don’t forget to keep your hair colour looking fresh, with a wash and care system, like the Dove Nutritive Solutions Colour Care Shampoo and the Dove Nutritive Solutions Colour Care Conditioner.

highlights bold colours korean hair
Under highlights. Credit:

5. Hidden ombre

Makeup artist @sr531 knows a thing or two about Korean beauty trends. We stumbled across this picture of her sporting a gorgeously sassy hot pink hidden ombre and just knew that we had to share it with you.

The beauty of this asian hairstyle is that it looks striking, yet requires very little maintenance, plus, once you tie your hair up, the ombre effect is hardly visible – ideal for those who want a more professional look for the weekdays.

loose waves korean hairstyles
Loose waves. Credit:

6. Loose, tousled waves

Beauty YouTuber @hi_bambigirl effortlessly pulls off one of the most popular Korean hairstyle trends on Instagram – loose, sexy waves – with much success. To achieve this casual, sultry look, part your hair slightly off-centre, then lightly curl your tresses to create gorgeous, flowing waves.

For the finishing touches, scrunch in some Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray to add texture and get that sexy, tousled effect. Simple yet chic – what else could you want?

middle parting korean hairstyles for women
Middle parting. Credit:

7. Ultra straight with middle parting

Another Korean hair trend that’s taking Instagram by storm is super straight locks, paired with a simple, classic middle parting.  Credit: @yoonara_cf

To create this look, prep your hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spraywhich will help you achieve sleek, pin-straight tresses and added shine, while also protecting your hair from excessive heated styling damage. As far as trendy hairstyles go, they don’t come easier than this, we promise!

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