20 Ash Blonde Ombre Looks to Freshen Up Your Locks

20 Ash Blonde Ombre Looks to Freshen Up Your Locks

Ready for a hair revamp? It’s time to try the ash blonde hair hype. Ash blonde hair features cool-toned blonde shades with natural hints of ash and silver, making it a top pick for everyday wear. And with the trend generating over 270 million views on TikTok, it seems people who switch to ash blonde are having all the fun.

From ash blonde ombre locks to a bright-white Khaleesi look, the ash blonde trend is one of the most coveted around. Whether you’re a brunette looking to lighten and lift your hair or a dedicated blonde seeking a new season style, consider this your hair bible for ash blonde locks in 2023.

Ash Blonde Babylights

Back view of a woman with long tousled light blonde ombre hair
Babylights are the best way to get a natural-looking effect. Credit: Instagram.com/brisaexplainsitall

If you’re worried about your colour looking unnatural, babylights are an ideal way to achieve a seamless, I-woke-up-like-this colour without any telltale signs.

Avoiding a harsh fade from dark to light, babylights will pull the colour through the mid-lengths and ends in tiny, barely-there streaks, meaning you’ll be left with natural-looking ash blonde ombre hair. Result. 

Champagne Ash Blonde Ombre

Ash blonde ombre: Side profile of a woman with champagne ash blonde highlihted hair, styled in loose curls, wearing a berry coloured top
Check out this bubbly-inspired blonde. Credit: Instagram.com/kristystairs

Say hello to this dreamy champagne-hued ash blonde tone, with its classic yellow undertones.

A more flattering option for those with warm-medium complexions, this shade won’t wash you out or look out of place.

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Editor’s tip: Considering ombre hair? To keep your blonde cool-toned and bright, keep your colour vibrant with TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo in place of your regular hair care once or twice a week.

Charcoal Ash Blonde Ombre

Back shot of a woman with long straight charcoal ombre hair
A charcoal-based blonde gives a deep, chic hue. Credit: Instagram.com/xcellentbeautysalon

The grey hair colour trend is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, so if you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon, charcoal ash blonde is a good place to start.

This deep, charcoal ash blonde ombre is standout and stunning, with its dark base making it a low-maintenance way for those with naturally brunette locks to pull off a blonde hue.

Pearlescent Ash Blonde Ombre

Woman in hairdresser with pearl ash blonde ombre hair
Pearly and beautiful. Credit: Instagram.com/ hair_by_shelbysparks

If you love the pearlcore aesthetic, it’s time to tap into the pearl hair trend with this pearlescent ombre blonde hair look.

Giving you all the mermaid vibes for 2023, this head-turning tone dazzles with a touch of shimmering silver – giving your hair some pizzazz whatever the season. Take it one step further and sport some stylish pearl hair accessories to complete your look. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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Golden Ash Blonde Ombre

Side profile of a woman with long golden blonde ombre hair
Shine brighter than the sun with this radiant golden blonde shade. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbybrittah

Beach hair vibes? Yes please. Channel your inner surfer girl with this golden, sun-kissed style. Perfect for blondes looking for a natural way to sport ombre hair, these luscious golden tones will see you through summer and beyond. 

Editor’s tip: Pair your golden blonde hair with beachy waves for the ultimate summer style – here’s 4 ways to achieve them

Lilac Ash Blonde Ombre

Side profile shot of a woman with medium length curly lilac blonde hair
Work the pastel hair trend with this understated lilac. Credit: Instagram.com/stephhdez_

If you want to incorporate some colour into your ash blonde look, but don’t know where to start, this is your sign to try lilac hair. On first glance, the lilac ash blonde tone may seem like a classic creamy blonde, but look a little closer and you’ll see ever-so-subtle lavender tones. A perfectly pastel look without being OTT, we implore you to try this.  Credit: @stephhdez_

Reverse Ash Blonde Ombre

Back view of a woman with waist length reverse blonde ombre hair
Turn your style on its head with this verse ombre look. Credit: Instagram.com/missellemaria

Flip your style this season with a topsy-turvy reverse ombre blonde look. Fading from an ultra-light platinum shade to a warmer brunette blonde at the ends, it’s unique but still very wearable. A daring ash blonde look that’s totally worth it, we’re loving this right now.

Nordic Ash Blonde Ombre

Back view of a woman with long white blonde ombre hair
Go Nordic with this whiter-than-white blonde. Credit: Instagram.com/clare.es

Ever since Game of Thrones Khaleesi entered our lives, our love for Nordic-inspired white ash blonde ombre has reached a new level.

A high-maintenance option (as regular root touch-ups will be required to keep this bright white looking its best), we can confirm it looks icy fresh in the summer and bold and brilliant in the winter. Our jury says, go for it.

Smoky Ash Blonde Ombre

Back view of a woman with smoky grey ash blonde wavy hair, wearing a grey t-shirt
This smoky shade is a darker take on ash blonde ombre. Credit: Instagram.com/hhenryta

Anyone can rock ashy hair, even if your locks are on the darker side. One way to brighten up dark base colours is with an edgy smoky blonde, keeping the colour darker at the roots for an ombre effect. The overall effect? Oh-so-chic.

Platinum Ash Blonde Ombre

Back view of a woman with long wavy platinum ash blonde hair, wearing grey
Platinum blonde always makes a big statement. Credit: Instagram.com/marina_shacklette

Make a statement with platinum ash blonde hair (AKA the platinum blonde you know and love, but with darker roots and undertones). Whether you’ve seen Ariana Grande, Cara Delevingne or Kim Kardashian try the trend and are following suit, you’ll never regret joining the platinum hair gang.


Mid Ash Blonde Ombre

Photo of a woman with shoulder length wavy ash brown ombre hair
If you’ve got naturally darker hair, try this. Credit: Instagram.com/jina1302

We’ve fallen in love with this medium ash brown mane and the neutral tones mean it’s super flattering for every season.

Light Ash Blonde Ombre

Photo of a woman with shoulder length, wavy light ash blonde ombre hair in a salon
Wear your hair wavy to accentuate the different blonde tones. Credit: Instagram.com/candybomb1

Looking to go ultra-light? Give light ash blonde ombre a go – a gorgeous mix of ashy blonde and bright blonde that creates an effortlessly elegant look.

Icy Ash Blonde Ombre

Close-up photo of icy blonde highlighted hair
Ice ice baby! Credit: Instagram.com/bombshell_balayage

This bright, icy blonde look has winter queen written all over it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock it all year round. Right?

Dark to Light Sombre

Side view of a woman with mid-length brown to blonde sombre hair styled in soft waves, wearing a shirt
Sombre is ombre’s subtler sister. Credit: Instagram.com/allisonwilliamsonhair

If you’re not keen on a dramatic contrast, don’t rule out ombre completely. Introducing somre (soft ombre) – the ultimate way to achieve a softer graduation from one colour to another with a seamless fade. Once you try sombre, you’ll never look back.

Beige Ash Blonde Ombre

Back view of a woman with long beige blonde wavy hair styled in a twisted half-up half-down
The beige blonde trend couldn’t be more flattering. Credit: Instagram.com/studiovivian

While some people might like the look of dyed, ash blonde hair, that’s not to say it can’t look natural too. Opt for beige, nude blonde like this Instagrammer, working in some subtle ashy highlights for a shimmering, healthy-looking blonde. Perfection. 

Vanilla Ash Blonde Ombre

Photo of a woman with long vanilla blonde wavy hair, wearing a maroon t-shirt
Achieve a summery feel with a vanilla shade. Credit: Instagram.com/brushedandbalayage

If you’re a blonde looking to lighten just the ends of your hair, consider vanilla ash blonde highlights this summer. This shade not only looks great on faux blondes but it also revives natural blondes too, giving your locks a new lease of life.

Grey Ash Blonde Ombre

Close-up photo of a woman with shoulder-length wavy ash grey silver hair
Tap into the grey hair trend. Credit: Instagram.com/angelat_hairart

Transitioning from light to dark hair but don’t want to do it all at once? Have your colourist apply a dark grey shade over your base to darken up your ash blonde and give it an edge. The perfect way to darken ash blonde ombre hair.

Editor’s tip: If you’re worried about your new colour causing hair damage, use a weekly hair treatment like the Nexxus Keraphix Masque. This intensive treatment has healing properties that help fortify hair and protect it against future damage.

Creamy Ash Blonde Ombre

Back view of a woman with long creamy blonde waves, wearing a patterned top
Creamy blonde works well for all ages. Credit: Instagram.com/skonhetskompanietasas

This creamy blend combines highlights and lowlights, making the result a beautiful blonde colour that’s cool but not flat.

Editor’s tip: Why highlights and lowlights are always better together

Root Smudge Ombre

Close-up of a woman with wavy ash blonde hair with grey shadow roots
We already know shadow roots are set to be a huge trend. Credit: Instagram.com/frances_hairartist

The rootsy look is trending and it’s good news for blondes everywhere. Root smudging is a technique which involves a darker colour being pulled down from the roots, cleverly blurring the transition for a really low-maintenance colour. If you want to sport ash blonde hair, but not everywhere, look to this.

Silver-Grey Ash Blonde Ombre

Back view of a woman with long silvery ash grey curly hair, wearing a lilac top
The products you use will be key to maintaining your silver hue. Credit: Instagram.com/judy.mai.hair

Note how this silver-grey ash blonde ombre and balayage look blends ribbons of lighter colour which start higher up the hair, for a multi-dimensional ashy style. We can’t take our eyes off this. 


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