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18 Ash Brown Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

There’s a brown hair hue on the block you need to know about. Say hello to ash brown hair – a cool-toned hair colour achieved when brown and grey shades blend. While most brunette hair colours are warm, ash brown prizes itself on being a lot cooler, making it a perfect option for those who prefer icy tones. This stunning shade can be worn as an all-over colour, with subtle highlights, or sported as a full-on balayage or ombre look.

And it seems we’re not the only ones drooling over ash brown hair. The trend has accumulated over 1.1 billion views on TikTok, with users dubbing it the must-try hair trend of the moment.

The best news? It looks amazing on everyone and can be tailored to work with any skin tone, hair length and hair texture. To prove it, discover our top 18 ash brown hair ideas to keep on your radar here.

Ash Brown Sombré

Woman with wavy sombre ash brown hair
This sombré look is a yes from us. Credit:

There’s no denying how popular silver hair is. And if you want to try the ash brown hair look in a subtle way, this sombré (aka soft ombré) shade, with subtle silver incorporated, is the perfect way to get in on the trend.

All Over Dark Ash Brown

Women with all over ash brown hair
Ash brown hair makes the perfect choice for everyone. Credit:

If you have tanned to dark skin, this dark ash brown shade has your name written all over it. Guaranteed to revive and uplift your locks, it naturally enhances your natural radiance and glow too. This shade will definitely put a spring in your step as you go about your day. What’s more, with TRESemmè Revitalise Colour you can skip salon touch ups for up to 12 weeks!

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Graduated Medium Ash Brown Balayage

Woman with ash brown hair and balayage
Give your ash brown hair a balayage twist. Credit:

Top tip: ash brown hair is perfect as a starting shade for graduated colour styles, just like this medium ash brown balayage look. This would work just as well using the ombre technique, melting together numerous hues in one style. The choice is yours!

Ash Brown Blend

Woman with ash brown blend hair and waves
This ash brown blend looks incredible. Credit:

Transition your cool ash brown hair colour to a warmer and glossy hue to give your look the best of both worlds. By blending this warmer tone with crisp, grey undertones, it offers a style that will work for almost all complexions. Seriously, it’s lush.

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Editor’s tip: If you want to recreate the bouncy curls of the inspo picture, try TRESemmé Curl Definition Mousse, designed to gently style your hair while keeping it soft and voluminous.

Ash Brown Hair With Highlights

Woman with ash brown hair and highlights
Give your ash brown hair some highlights for a flawless finish. Credit:

It’s not all about full-on dye jobs. Sometimes even the smallest colour addition can make a big impact. For example, a medium ash brown shade can be lightened with some natural highlights, brightening any look and giving locks dimension.

Dark Ash Brown Hue

Woman with dark ash brown wavy hair
Dark ash brown is calling our name. Credit:

If you have naturally dark tresses, but don’t want to lighten them with a bright blonde hue, dark ash brown is a chic solution. Oozing elegance and sophistication, we can’t get enough of this shade.

Smokey Balayage

Woman with smokey balayage and ash brown hair
Smokey balayage is your answer to a subtle yet standout ash brown hue. Credit: tashabobasha83

Ash brown hair has a rather muted finish, so if you’re seeking some dimension and character, look to smokey balayage. We love this hue as it gives your look an edge, while brightening your complexion instead of washing it out. 

Icy Ends

Woman with ash brown hair and icy platinum blonde tips
When ash brown meets platinum blonde, the result looks amazing. Credit:

A 3-in-1 ash brown look? Yes please. Pairing a dark ash brown hue with contrasting shades of deep grey and icy platinum blonde creates a stunning finish, especially for those with yellow or olive undertones. Divine!

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Cool Ombre

Woman with silver ombre on ash brown hair
Have the best of both worlds with this silver ombre on
ash brown hair.

Ash brown hair is known for its cool tones, which makes it unique compared to all those warm brown shade out there. So if you love a cool, lighter finish, put this striking ombre look on your to-do list.

Tonal Ash Brown

Woman with wavy tonal ash brown hair
Put tonal ash brown hair on your to-do list. Credit:

Get the most out of your ash brown hair colour by subtly blending it with a colour that’s a shade or two lighter. This will give your locks an uplifting finish and best of all, it suits just about everyone.

Stark Contrast

Woman with stark contrast ash brown hair
This look will give you plenty of style points. Credit:

If you’ve been praying to the hair gods for a standout hair style, this dark ash brown shade (with clashing violet tones) is for you. To show off each of those intricate colours, we suggest opting for a set of soft waves.

Ash Grey Highlights

Woman with ash grey highlights on ash brown hair
Ash grey highlights look super-chic. Credit:

Dip your toes into the ash brown trend with these ash grey highlights. We love how they’re face-framing and elegant – just the look to sport for work, play and everyday.

Medium Length Ash Brown Hair

Woman with medium length ash brown hair
Just, wow. Credit:

We’re totally fallen for this hair look. The ash brown blow-out on medium length hair is picture perfect from all angles. Hair goals, right here.

Ash Brown Hair With Platinum Highlights

Woman with ash brown hair and platinum highlights
Ash brown hair and platinum highlights were made for eachother. Credit:

You may not have thought about it before, but we’re here to tell you that ash brown and platinum hues are a match made in heaven. Team them together with an ash brown base and platinum highlights sliced through.

Ash Brown on Short Hair

Woman with ash brown hair and bob
This ash brown bob is so flattering. Credit:

Don’t let short hair stop you from living your hair colour dreams. We love how this all-over ash brown colour doesn’t distract from the chic bob cut. Brb, we’re off to the salon.

Ash Brown Curly Hair

Woman with ash brown curly hair
Ash brown curls will forever be trending. Credit:

Add caramel and ash brown highlights to curly hair for dimension and charm. Curls, whether they’re natural or tonged, help accentuate ash brown hair with highlights.

Cool Ash Brown

This look will give you plenty of style points. Credit:

Remember, you don’t always have to go bold. Cool tones like this ash brown balayage are great for those with warm-toned skin, plus you get the best of both colours when blending them.

Curly Hair With Light Ash Brown Highlights


How eye-catching and gorgeous is this look? We love how ash brown highlights make natural curls pop and give hair a thicker, fuller appearance. Obsessed is an understatement.


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