CDoes Rubbing My Hair With A Towel Damage It?

Hair Truth or Myth: Does Rubbing My Hair With A Towel Damage it?

Find out whether towels are your mane friend or foe!

While it might seem like an innocent motion, rubbing your hair with a towel can influence the structure if you’re pulling and twisting the hair too hard, causing the fibres to weaken and snap. So, this truth or myth is… true!

However, this process is gradual and causes less visible damage than other factors. To avoid the look and feel of damaged hair, keep heat styling and chemical treatments to a minimum. Also, remember that environmental stressors like the weather can contribute to damage, too.

Editor’s tip: Post wash, gently dab your hair and loosely wrap the towel around your hair to remove excess water. Then, follow up with the TRESemmé Botanique Air Dry Smoothing Spray to help lock in moisture and keep frizz at bay.

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