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Hair Truth or Myth: Will Mayonnaise Make My Hair Shiny?

Could the secret to great hair have been sitting in your fridge this whole time?

One of the weirder at-home hair treatments we’ve come across is something you’ve probably never thought of putting on your hair before – mayonnaise. Even Blake Lively has admitted to slathering her hair in the condiment before washing it to tackle dryness (and if it’s good enough for Blake, right?). So, we wanted to find out if there’s really any truth to this.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t something we’ve tested in the R&D lab. But that’s not to say it isn’t true or false…

Mayonnaise is said to contain amino acids that make up the protein in our hair. Adding amino acids back into your hair can help with strength and is the reason why you might see these added to hair products such as conditioners.

But as far as using mayo straight from the fridge to get these benefits, well, that is down to you. Try it at your own risk!

The Best Shiny Hair Products

Don’t fancy covering your hair in mayo? Try one of our editors’ shine-boosting product recommendations instead…

TONI&GUY Damage Repair Mask

Damaged hair is more likely to look dull and lacklustre, so work on improving the condition of your strands by adding a deep conditioning treatment like the TONI&GUY Damage Repair Mask into your routine.

You can read more about the entire new and updated TONI&GUY Damage Repair range.

TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 Intensive Mask

The TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 Intensive Mask restores bonds in the hair fibres that have been broken down through heat, colour and chemical damage for moisturised, healthy-looking hair.

VO5 Tame & Shine Spray

Shine sprays make it easy to add a sleek, glossy finish to your mane after styling. We love the VO5 Tame & Shine Spray for its lightweight sheen and built-in heat protection.


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