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5 Hair curling products you need for picture-perfect waves

Whether you're looking to tame frizz, redefine ringlets, or build in textural waves, discover our 5 favourite hair curling products you should try now.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the red carpet action and the runways, you’ll know it’s all about making waves with curly hair this summer. Whether you were born with a few cool kinks, sweet, bouncy ringlets or just looking to manually create them with the help of a few styling tools and hair curling products, it really doesn’t matter. Just as long as your hair looks healthy and is fairly easy to manage, right?

Yes, ok, it’s not all that simple, we know. Which is why we’ve curated a list of our top 5 favourite hair curling products to help achieve the results you’re after – and hopefully banish frizz and tame flyaways, all in one fell swoop.

Top 5 hair curling products you need for picture-perfect waves


TRESemme-Wave Creating Foam
Want perfectly undone waves?

1. TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam (£5.50*)

This ultra-lightweight formula is ideal for creating soft, natural-looking, sunshine season-perfect waves that are full-bodied but not heavy. Not to mention, it smells divine and the air-light, foamy texture makes it super easy to work into both damp or dry hair.

Good for: Those after that effortless, beachy look with a boho vibe. What we also love about the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam is its versatility. Whether you already have some natural kinks in your hair – and want to enhance them – or are stuck with pin-straight locks, which need amping up with a few loose curls and some sexy texture, this super easy-to-use product can work wonders!

Styling tips: Work TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam (3-5 pumps should be enough for mid-length hair; add on as much as necessary if you have longer locks) through towel-dried tresses, from root to tip. If you have naturally wavy hair, just scrunch the product in and leave to air-dry for best effect and to help minimise frizz. If you have straight hair, use either a curling wand or straightener and curl it, section by section. Once done, brush through to release the curls for a more casual look, then seal using TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray (£5.50*) for longer-lasting results.

Tigi-Curl Recall Cream
Re-call your curls with this cream

2. TIGI Bed Head On The Rebound Curl Re-Call Cream (£14.95*)

Suffering from unruly curls that have lost their shape? Then TIGI Bed Head On The Rebound Curl Re-Call Cream might be your new BFF. By using simple scrunching techniques, it will help undefined curls “spring back” into shape in no time.

Good for: Those with naturally curly to very curly locks, or even those with hard-to-manage, frizz-prone waves. The TIGI Curl Re-Call Cream will help reform those rebellious curls into bouncier, more defined ringlets while also helping to tame frizz at the same time. Win-win, right?

Styling tips: A super easy, foolproof method of even application all over your hair – and using your fingers to gently scrunch those curls together – is another reason to love this brilliant hair curling product. We prefer leaving it to air-dry, but if you absolutely can’t stand walking around with damp hair, try using a diffuser and blowdry on very gentle heat for smoother results.

Create curly tresses with mousse

3. VO5 Smoothly Does It Curl Defining Mousse (£3.99*)

This lightweight mousse is the perfect frizz-fighting formula. Ideal for those looking for longer-lasting, more defined curls, VO5 Smoothly Does It Curl Defining Mousse can also act as a heat protectant and help keep your hair hydrated while holding your curls in place.

Good for: Just about everyone. But it’s especially effective on those with wavy locks or loose curls – and who often suffer from pesky frizz and flyaways. The VO5 Curl Defining Mousse will help to enhance and define curls while moisturising at the same time.

Styling tips: Work into towel-dried hair from mid-length to ends, then scrunch in and leave to air-dry for great results. Easy-peasy!

hair curling products tresemme
Smart curl technology cream

4. TRESemmé Runway Collection Make Waves Shape & Memorise Cream (£5.50*)

Those looking for extra ease in curl creation should reach for TRESemmé Make Waves Shape & Memorise Cream. Not only this smooth formula helps to enhance waves and aids styling, but it also boasts clever memorising polymers that can help “remember” your curls.

Good for: Those with naturally straighter, sleeker locks looking to manually create waves or curls – and maintain them throughout the day. Once you’ve applied TRESemmé Make Waves Shape & Memorise Cream, and put those curls in place, simply scrunch your tresses any time during the day to help “revive” the waves.

Styling tips: When it comes to this magic (well, almost!) hair curling product, remember: less is more. Only a tiny amount is needed to smooth through damp hair prior to blowdrying or curling. For extra curl definition, try using it in conjunction with TRESemmé Make Waves Sculpt & Define Spray Gel (£5.50*).

hair curling products toni and guy
Define your curls with oil

5. Toni&Guy Prep Curl Defining Oil (£6.99*)

The perfect base for prepping your tresses to make those unruly curls and frizz-prone hair more manageable and easier to style. A multi-functional and lightweight hair curling product, the Toni&Guy Prep Curl Defining Oil not only helps to define your curls and promote bounce, but will also boost shine and healthier, smoother-looking locks.

Good for: Women with frizz-prone, naturally curly to very curly hair. And don’t be fazed by the fact that it’s an oil, this non-greasy formula will work wonders to enhance that healthy sheen while helping to tame frizz and produce more defined ringlets.

Styling tips: For best results, comb evenly through damp hair, before using heated styling tools (preferably on a lower heat setting), or leave to dry naturally for a more casual, tousled finish.

*RRPs are Unilever suggested retail prices only, it is at the discretion of the individual retailers to set the actual price.

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