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On the market for a new hair dryer? Discover the perfect one for your hair needs

Thinking about investing in a new blow dryer? Here's everything you need to know before you buy.  

Having the right hair dryer at your side can mean the difference between a good hair day or tragic frizz-ball hair day, so choosing the best one for you is essential. Whether you’re a die-hard daily blow dryer or you’re a more casual once-a-weeker, you want to know that you can rely on your dryer to whip your locks into shape.

Whether you’re a pro at the DIY salon blow dry or you just love the convenience of drying your hair in a few minutes, it’s still important to make sure you’ve got the best hairdryer for you.

Now, keep on reading to find out all about the different hairdryers available on the market, and discover the perfect one for you and your hair (plus which ones to avoid!).

Helping you find the best hairdryer for your hair needs


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A good hair dryer can make all the difference to your locks. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Adjustable heat settings

Great for: Damaged hair.

Hair dryers are great for drying your post-shower mane in a flash. But constantly subjecting your strands to high temperatures isn’t the best for your hair’s condition (sigh!).

To limit damage, many hairdryers now come with multiple heat settings, such as the Toni&Guy Ultimate Compact AC Dryer, which has 3 temperatures, as well as 2 different speed settings.

While it’s tempting to always use the hottest setting to dry your hair as quick as possible, fine hair types may find that the lower settings are more than capable for working second-day restyles.

And that strange cool air setting? Not only is this super handy for helping you to cool down and set pin curls ahead of a night out, but the burst of cold air also helps to seal the hair cuticle.

Ceramic hairdryers

Great for: Frizz-prone, flyaway hair.

If taming frizz is top of your hair agenda, pick yourself up a ceramic blow dryer, pronto. Ceramic hairdryers emit infrared heat, which works to dry the hair from the inside out, helping to reduce heat damage while also working to leave your locks smooth, silky and free from flyaways.

Ionic technology hairdryers

Great for: Thick, dry hair.

If you’re always in a rush and need a hairdryer that’s going to make drying your strands super speedy, hairdryers with ionic technology are what you need to look out for.

Hairdryers with ionic barrels, like the Toni&Guy Daily Conditioning Dryer, generate negative ions. These are attracted to the positively charged ions in wet hair, making it evaporate faster, therefore drying in record time.

As well as the obvious convenience benefits, it’ll also lock in moisture, making it a great one for parched, dehydrated hair.

woman with long frizzy dark hair drying her hair
Hairdryers can cut down your styling time significantly.

Hair dryer with diffuser

Great for: Curly hair.

While air drying is the best way to maintain perfectly defined, frizz-free curls, time doesn’t always allow for it. Which is why finding a professional hair dryer that won’t destroy your curls is key.

Look for ones which come with a hair dryer diffuser attachment, as these will help to provide a gentler blowdry that won’t ruin the integrity of your curls. Trust us: you’ll be left looking like you’ve walked right out of the salon!

Travel hair dryers

Great for: Frequent flyers.

With humidity to contend with, having a good hairdryer with you on holiday is essential – after all, we don’t want any Monica in Barbados moments, do we? The hairdryers provided in hotel rooms are usually generic and not suitable for all hair types, which is why you should invest in a decent travel hair dryer for your next trip.

Smaller than usual everyday dryers, many travel hair dryers are super compact in size and fold up, so they won’t take up any precious space in your case, phew!

TRESemmé Defence Spray Front

Editor’s tip: Whichever hair dryer you decide to choose, make sure that you don’t forget to pick up a heat protectant before you start styling.

The TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray is ideal for blowdrying, as the heat activated formula works to protect your strands from breakage and dullness, making it great for regular use.


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