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Should you be really using a detangling comb?

To brush, or use a detangling comb, that is the question!  

Remember in The Little Mermaid when Scuttle gives Ariel a fork (AKA a dinglehopper!) and says it’s for her hair? That’s kind of what a detangling comb looks like! But what does it actually do and who can use it? If these questions are on your mind, you’ve deffo come to right place.

Yep, we’ve set out to decode exactly what a detangling comb is used for, and now we’re passing the information on to you. So, keep on reading to see why we think this tool is worth the investment…

Detangling comb: The understated styling you never knew you needed


detangling comb: close up shot of a tresemme detangling comb
Have you ever used a detangling comb? If not, you’re missing out!

What is a detangling comb and how does it work?

It goes without saying that nobody likes having to deal with hair tangles. But if you’re the type to avoid the detangling process for lack of the right tools, know that this is exactly what a detangling comb is designed for! It’s a tool that has been specifically made for hair that gets tangled or knotted easily (ladies with wavy to curly hair, we’re looking at you!).

While most brushes can help you with your knots, a detangling comb will allow you do so smoothly, reducing the amount of pressure applied to both the mane and scalp. This means there’s minimal damage for maximum, amazing results — bonus!

The best thing about them? They come in different shapes and sizes, meaning everyone can get in on the action and get gorgeous hair.

Psst! If you have fine, straight hair, opting for a comb, like the one pictured above, will help you keep your mane in check. But if you have thicker strands, opting for a wide tooth comb is all you need to make handling your strands a dream.

close up shot of woman using a detangling comb through her hair, in a studio
How do you use a detangling comb? Here’s the answer!

So, how do you use a detangling comb?

You can use this comb to help you style your hair, but mainly, it is used for detangling purposes. So, the first thing you’ve got to do is decide whether you’re going to dry detangle or wet detangle while in the shower.

If you’re prone to knots while your hair is dry, you should use a hair primer for slip, to effortlessly allow you to brush through your pesky hair tangles.

We love the VO5 Express Primer Spray, as its great for detangling hair, controlling frizz and also contains heat defence spray

Editor’s tip: Prefer wet detangling? Then you’ll need to make sure to invest in a hydrating hair mask, like the Love Beauty And Planet Hope & Repair 2 Minute Magic Masque.This nifty product will give you enough moisture to easily help you comb through your strands.

Once you’ve decided what your game plan is, simply divide your hair into equal sections and gently pull the comb through your hair. Easy, right?

Psst! Starting at the ends and working your way up (instead of brushing from the top down) helps to reduce breakage and tension on the hair.

So, should I really get one?

Well, if you’re prone to tangles and are looking for a pain-free way to handle your locks (’cause ain’t nobody got time for a mane battle), this versatile tool is all you need to make styling your locks a breeze.

Yep, maintaining sleek, smooth, and tangle-free locks is about to become your reality… So, the question is: are you ready to become a detangling comb devotee?




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