model using a curling wand on her brown hair

Our curling wand guide will ensure you never have a bad hair day again

This hair curling wand guide will ensure you never have a bad mane day again!   

Are you on the hunt for a new curling wand but not sure where to start? Lucky for you, you have come to the right place, as we have all you need to know about curling wands, right here.

While most of us have experimented with a curling wand at some point in our lives, did you know that you can create a multitude of looks with this clever styling tool, simply by using different techniques and products? Yes really!

So whether you’re a fan of tight ringlets, polished bouncy curls or cool-girl loose waves, there are plenty of styling options just waiting to be explored with your hair wand…

Everything you need to know when looking for a hair wand


model using a curling wand on her brown hair
Knowing which curling wand to go for will make the world of difference.

Knowing your barrel sizes

Curling wands and tongs have become styling staples for many women, but did you know that it’s not a one size fits all situation?

With the many varieties available on the market, it can be pretty difficult to find the one that will perfectly suit your styling needs and hair type. That’s why we’ve created a simple guide to help you select the best curling wand for the results you want, starting with barrel sizes.

Ultra-small: 0.5-0.75 inches

This ultra-small barrel size is great for curling shorter hair, thanks to its very slim dimensions. Lovers of vintage hairstyles are likely to fall for this curling wand, as it’ll help make recreating Gatsby-inspired waves and retro pin curls as easy as pie.

Small: 0.75-1 inch

If you have medium to long-length hair and want to achieve tight, spiral curls, we suggest going for a curling wand with a small-sized barrel. In addition, small curling wands can also be a great choice for anyone with wavy hair who wants to add definition, as its width is very similar to the size of natural curls.

blonde-haired women shows us how to curl very short hair with a curling wand
women with short blonde hair curls her hair with a curling wand

Medium: 1-1.75 inches

For effortless waves, we recommend going for a medium barrel. With this size curling wand, you can look forward to casual, beach-inspired locks and perfectly-polished waves.

It is also a great option if you have very long tresses, as the in-between size makes curling lengthy hair less time-consuming – because who wants to spend hours on their hair every morning? Not you.

Large: 2 inches

Don’t overlook a large-barrel curling wand. If you are a fan of big glamorous waves, then why not consider going for a large curling wand? It will make emulating a salon blowout finish at home so much easier.

model using curling wand on lon brown hair
From tight ringlets to big waves the sky is the limit with a curling wand.

Get to know the shapes

The next thing to take into consideration when searching for a curling wand, is the shape. This will depend on your personal style preferences, as different shapes are made for creating different looks.

Cone-shaped wand

Recognisable by their thin upper end and a thicker lower end, a cone-shaped wand is amazing for creating curls of various shapes and sizes. The larger side can be used to create fuller, larger curls, while the smaller end is perfect for a tighter finish. Best of all, cone-shaped wands give a more natural freestyle effect!

Straight wand

Straight barrel wands are great for creating equal-sized curls, resulting in a more uniform finish. This type of curling wand is ideal for those with naturally straight hair who want that beach waves look, as it can be used to curl inwards or outwards.

brown hair model using curling wand
Finding your perfect curling wand couldn’t be easier.

The material of your curling wand

The last thing to consider when looking for a new hair curling wand is the material it’s made from. Confused? Fear not, as we have broken down the most common materials used in today’s styling tools.


Ceramic hair wands is likely to be the most familiar material you have seen or used before. Known for its smoothing properties, ceramic surfaces are scratch resistant, which means the hair glides over the wand without snagging.


Ideal for coarse or thicker hair textures, titanium curling wands help seal in the hair’s natural oils and moisture to protect it against heat damage.


Suitable for most hair types, their real advantage lies in the fact that they prevent friction, helping to eliminate frizz and static while curling your tresses.

TRESemmé Defence Spray Front

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Now you know which curling wand your hair needs, why not check out our Hair Products page? There you will find all our expert tips and advice on getting the most out of your hair routine.

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