group of models with straight natural looking hair backstage of fashion show

Struggling to find the best flat iron for frizzy hair? Look no further

Tackle your unruly strands head on with our picks of the best flat iron for frizzy hair, below!  

Frizzy manes are hardly desirable, possibly being one of the most common hair bug bares of the modern day. This troublesome frizz can also be made all the worse with the use of heated styling tools, drying out your tresses and causing them to become more unruly (eek!). But fret not, because we’re going to tell you what the best flat iron for frizzy hair is and solve this styling woe once and for all — you and your hair can thank us later.

Find the best flat iron for frizzy hair


group of models with straight natural looking hair backstage of fashion show
Get catwalk-worthy smooth and frizz-free hair at home. Credit:

Whether you pick between a ceramic or tourmaline plate (or a combination of the two), knowing the plates of your next hair straightener will hugely benefit your frizzy mane.

Flat irons with ceramic plates (note: actual ceramic, not just ceramic coated) has a number of benefits for frizzy hair. Not only do they heat up quickly and evenly distribute this heat, but the negative ions produced by the ceramic plates neutralise the effects of positive ions produced when using heat on your hair. This process can help ‘seal’ your hair cuticle and leave your hair looking shiner and with less frizz than metal straighteners.

Another option are tourmaline plates, which are superb at reducing static and frizz, and an ideal option for those with coarse or even tightly-coiled hair. Why, you ask? Well, these straighteners can reach high temperatures quickly, meaning they’re great for achieving a high shine and super sleek finish.

TONI&GUY Professional XL Wide Plate Straightener 

Combining the benefits of both ceramic and tourmaline in one neat styling tool is the TONI&GUY Professional XL Wide Plate Straightener, with its wide plate design helping to distribute the heat throughout the hair.

Developed to enhance shine, smooth hair and lock in colour (with it’s Colour Lock Technology), you’ll create a style that has a flawless salon finish. And if you have thick or long hair, the wide plates will make straightening (or curling) your tresses as easy as pie.

TONI&GUY Flawless Finish Straightener

If you need a flat iron for frizzy hair that has smaller plates (perfect for short or fine hair) then we recommend the TONI&GUY Flawless Finish Straightener.

Designed to deliver precision styling with ultra smooth, high shine results, this straightener has 25mm ceramic tourmaline plates and an auto shut-off feature! Honestly, what more could you want?


Ready for better hair days? We thought so. Since you’ve now found the best flat iron for frizzy hair, check out our Styling Tools page for further inspiration and exert styling advice from our editors!

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