Best brush for curly hair guide: close up shot of woman with natural curly hair, wearing a brown top and grey jacket, wearing drop earrings and posing outside

Best brush for curly hair: How to find the right one for your styling needs

Make detangling and styling a breeze with our guide to finding the best brush for curly hair.

When you have curly strands, the thought of running a hair brush through your mane may seem daunting. But there does a come time (whether that’s when you’re detangling or trying to straighten your natural curls) when finding the best brush for curly hair becomes top priority.

If that’s the case for you, you’ll be glad to know that you won’t have to do the searching, ’cause we’ve done it all for you. Below, we’ve listed the 4 brushes that every curl queen needs in their beauty kit.

Find the best brush for curly hair, now

best brush for curly hair: close up shot of model with dark curly hair, using a nylon bristle brush on her hair, wearing a pink lace top and posing in a studio
Struggling to detangle your hair? This is the brush you need.

1. Nylon bristle brush

Struggling to detangle your natural curls? Tried using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb but it’s just not working? Then you need to consider trying a nylon bristle brush to work through the tangles.

Since natural curly hair is very tightly curled and coarse, the strands tend to be more prone to breakage as the hairs rub against each other. A nylon bristle brush (with a rubber base) helps minimise static, and allows for safe and gentle brushing.

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best brush for curly hair: close up shot of toni and guy paddle brush
Long curls? Say hello to your new brush bestie!

2. Paddle brush

If you’ve got a looser curl type and longer hair, we recommend you consider making a paddle brush, like the one pictured above, your new BFF.

Usually quite large, flat and wide, with a rectangular head, the tool features plastic bristles, which means it’s perfect for detangling and smoothing out thick, long curls.

Editor’s tip: Finding the best brush for curly hair doesn’t end there. It’s important to remember that before you detangle you should always apply a conditioning product for more slip.

Our fave? The TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating MistThis will help make it easier for you to run your brush through your mane, while leaving your locks smelling like a tropical cocktail.

best brush for curly hair: close up shot of model backstage having her curly hair done with a round hair brush
Want to experiment with straight hairstyles? You’ll need to use a round hair brush. Credit:

3. Round hair brush

Tempted to wear your hair straight, but don’t know which hair brush you should use to achieve the look of your dreams? Then it’s time for you to get acquainted with the tool every stylist has in their hair kit: a round hair brush.

The rounded barrel of the brush and the vents mean that air from your hairdryer can easily circulate through your brush and onto your curly tresses, meaning you can smooth and style at the same time.

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Editor’s tip: To ensure your curls are protected while heat styling, make sure to use a hair primer, like the VO5 Damage Protect Primer Spray.

This damage minimising primer spray is practically made for curls as it helps reduce friction between the hair fibres, conditions your strands and offers you heat protection, too.

best brush for curly hair: close up shot of model with dark brown hair styled into crown braid, using a toothbrush to smooth down the edges, wearing mint green and posing in a studio setting
Grab an unused toothbrush to brush your hair in place.

4. Toothbrush

Before you scoff at this suggestion: hear us out. Just about every curly-haired queen knows to use an unused, clean toothbrush to help her brush and smooth down her edges. So, if you’re looking for a quick fix to tackle your baby hairs, a toothbrush is by far the handiest brush for laying your edges.

Editor’s tip: Looking for a hair gel to help you lay your baby hairs? Try the Alberto Balsam Wet Look Gel.

This offers a long-lasting, non-greasy hold, to give your mane a sleek effect that washes out easily.



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