The ceramic hair straightener: Pros and cons

Confused about ceramic hair straighteners? Not after reading this!

We know that trying to find a ceramic hair straightener can almost be a full-time job – especially when there are so many brands out there selling you different information about what ceramic straighteners actually do.

But you can stop your endless browsing right now, because we’ve put together a list of the styling pros and cons of ceramic straighteners, so you know what you’re dealing with! So, keep scrolling to get the lowdown on this amazing heated styling tool and find out, once and for all, what a ceramic hair straightener is actually good for!

Pros and cons of the ceramic hair straightener


A ceramic hair straightener can help reduce frizz: long brown hair
A ceramic hair straightener can help reduce frizz. Credit:

Pros of the ceramic hair straightener

Ceramic hair straighteners produce negative ions

Negative ions may sound, well, negative, but they are in fact a good thing – and one great advantage of the ceramic hair straightener is that it actually produces negative ions!

For those of you who are confused about what negative ions have to do with straighteners and hair, let us just give you a simple explanation. The negative ions produced by ceramic straighteners can help to counteract or neutralise the effects of positive ions produced when using heat on your hair. This process can help ‘seal’ your hair cuticle and leave your hair shiner, and with less frizz than metal straighteners. Neat, right?

Ceramic plates heat up quickly

This is probably the reason that ceramic is a much loved material for hair styling tools and cookware alike! Ceramic hair straighteners heat up very quickly, so you don’t have to wait around to start using them, which is great news for time-poor girls on-the-go like us!

But with this in mind, do handle your straighteners with care – no one wants to accidentally touch hot hair straighteners (ouch)!

The heat is evenly distributed

Remember what we said about ceramic being a quick-heating material? Well, another advantage is that it heats up evenly. So you can consider worrying about patchy, irregular heat when it comes to hair straightening a thing of the past.

dark brown haired woman getting er straightened
A ceramic hair straightener can help cut back on damage.

It reduces damage

Again, this point goes back to our previous statement about ceramic hair straighteners and negative ions. First-wave hair straighteners made from metal actually caused quite a bit of damage to tresses. Why? Because metal plus heat, instantly equals a fried, frazzled mane (AKA the stuff of nightmares)!

But the ion-neutralising properties of a ceramic hair straightener don’t have the same effect, so you won’t wreak as much heat havoc on your delicate tresses – which is good news all round.

However, there are some cons, too…

Not all ceramic hair straighteners were created equal. Just remember to check that your hair straightener’s plates are actually ceramic, rather than just ceramic-coated, as this will make a big difference to the quality of your straighteners.

But don’t worry, ceramic is a very complementary material. In fact, current ceramic hair straighteners are frequently teamed up with tourmaline (if tourmaline sounds familiar, it’s because it’s a semi-precious stone). Ceramic tourmaline-infused hair straighteners produce an even higher amount of negative ions, helping to create smooth, straightened hair quickly, which means your hair has less exposure to damaging heat. Now, that’s what we call innovative styling!

Editor’s tip: Any time you use a heated styling tool on your hair, remember to protect your tresses with a good heat defence spray! To find the right one for you, see our article: Best heat defence spray for your hair type.

We hope this has helped quell any of your ceramic hair straightener woes! But if you still want more top tips, advice and how-tos on hair straightening, then head over to our Hair Straightener page, here.

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