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The Ultimate Shampoo Guide for Your Hair Needs

Wondering 'what shampoo should I use?' If so, you're about to have all your hair prayers answered with our handy guide.

There’s something you should know: just like hair, not all shampoo products are the same, so it’s really important to pick one that’s designed to target your needs. Not sure where to begin? The All Things Hair team is about to send your tresses down the right road with our pick of the best shampoo brands for your hair type.

In Korean, it’s now en vogue to create a shampoo routine that changes with the needs of your hair and scalp. And some of the leading hair stylists are kick-starting the trend here, encouraging consumers to up the washing of their hair and frequently switch the type of shampoo they use to fit perfectly with the ‘mood’ of their hair that month or even that day!

A multi shampoo regimen like this could make it easier to achieve your styling goals

The idea behind this trend is that taking on a multi shampoo regimen like this could make it easier to achieve your styling goals because as we all know, overusing styling products can create style-destroying build-up.

So, looking to build your shampoo selection or just in need an essential guide to shampoo? No matter what your mane concern — from dry to colour damaged strands, greasy or even fine and mature hair — your luscious locks deserve the best. Start by growing your shampoo collection by taking a look below and get ready to make every wash worth it!

What shampoo should I use? Learn how to build your shampoo shelf

Shampoo full guide: Woman with long wavy dark brown hair wearing a long sleeve white top and black camisole.
Ditch the frizzy, high maintenance hair for smooth, more manageable strands! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Thick and rebellious

Tried everything under the sun to tame your thick and unruly strands, but are yet to find a product that works for you? Well, we’ve got just the thing: the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Marula Oil range!


TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo front


This range consists of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, which is made to smooth frizzy strands and leave you with shiny-looking, manageable hair.

After you’ve created your smooth, star-worthy base, why not test out your straightener and try one of these stunning flat iron hairstyles? #Slay!

Shampoo full guide: Woman finger combing her straight long blonde hair wearing a t-shirt ad cami with jeans.
Say goodbye to flat locks with this volume-boosting shampoo! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Fine hair

Fine-haired ladies who suffer from limp locks, listen up: using a good shampoo and conditioner can actually help you achieve thicker-feeling strands.

Want to know which one we can’t get out of our heads? The TIGI Bed Head Fully Loaded Massive Volume Shampooof course!

With this magical hair product, your dreams of creating big, Brigitte Bardot-inspired hairstyles are about to become a reality. Wondering why? Well, it’s packed with innovative volume technology, that will not only make your locks look pumped up but feel it, too. Va-va-volume, here we come!

Shampoo full guide: Woman touching her medium length brown hair wearing a striped bardot off the shoulder top.
Looking for a good shampoo and conditioner system for damage hair? We’ve got what you need!

Dry and damaged

Are your locks feeling parched? Don’t be disheartened, because there are things you can do to help get your mane game back on track, like eating the right foods – and using a good shampoo and conditioner, of course!

Not sure what dry and damaged hair looks like, feels like and even acts like? These 5 warning signs will give you a clue! And when you’re ready to admit your suffering from most of the symptoms, know this: you’re definitely not alone.



If you feel like you’re suffering from dry, damaged locks, you’ll need to invest in a wash and care system that has moisturising and strengthening properties. Enter: TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 Shampoo!

Formulated with Biotin & Pro-Bond Complex, it penetrates inside the hair to restore broken bonds caused by hair damage. We suggest following with the TRESemmé Biotin+ repair 7 Conditioner to maximise results for healthy-looking, moisturised hair. Who’s ready for better hair days?

Shampoo full guide: Woman touching her long brown straight hair wearing a brown and white striped shirt.
Combat greasy hair with one simple hair care routine change: your shampoo!

Oily hair

Is greasy hair getting you down? Don’t let it! While it can be a nuisance, it’s super easy to hide with the help of a trusty hair cleanser.

The Toni&Guy Texture Detox Shampoo will give your hair a super deep clean, helping to remove any unwanted product build-up, as well as dirt and grease, leaving your locks looking and feeling as fresh as the sea.

Editor’s tip: It’s not necessary to use this hair product with every wash, just when you need a really good cleanse!

Shampoo full guide: Woman with naturally curly brown bob leaning on her hand wearing a white multi-coloured outfit.
Have curly or wavy hair? Here’s why you need to try a co-wash shampoo! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Natural curls and waves

If you have afro, very curly or perhaps even wavy hair, you’ve probably heard all about the amazing benefits of ‘co-washing‘.

Now, if you’re wondering why this cleansing method is popular, its because it’s gentle and works to both deeply cleanse and condition your hair, resulting in locks that are healthier-looking. Neat, right?

So, when you notice your curls or waves are starting to feel dull, zhuzh up your hair washing routine with a conditioning shampoo, like the TIGI Bed Head Calma Sutra Cleansing Conditioner

This sulfate-free cleanser works to refresh, detangle and hydrate locks. Oh, did we also forget to mention how divine and fruity it smells? We’re sold!

Shampoo full guide: Woman with short coloured pink red wavy hair wearing a grey jumper.
Being consistent with colour care shampoos will help boost your mane’s vibrancy. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Coloured hair

If you’re a hair colour chameleon, you might find that maintaining your chosen hue is one of the most difficult things to do.

But don’t be disheartened, because you can make maintenance a breeze with a colour protecting wash system like the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

This will help maintain your shade’s vibrancy for longer (meaning it will shine bright like a diamond), while also helping keep your locks at the top of their mane game.

Shampoo full guide: Mature model touching her grey white medium length hair wearing a blue shirt and yellow trousers.
Though your hair is ageing, there are shampoo brands that can make your locks more youthful! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Mature hair

As hair ages, it loses essential nutrients, which can leave your strands feeling coarse and looking dull – not quite anyone’s cup of tea!

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the Dove Advanced Hair Series Youthful Vitality Shampoo, has got your back.

This nifty product will help replenish and nourish mature locks, resulting in fuller-looking strands that also have a youthful appearance to them. Honestly, what’s not to love?

Editor’s tip: 
If you’re dealing with other ageing hair concerns, these good shampoo and conditioner brands we found might just help you out!


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