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Curl-enhancing shampoo: Why you need to try one

Here's the key to a good curl day...

If you have curly hair, then consider yourself lucky that you’ve been blessed with naturally textured, voluminous and bouncy strands. It’s no secret that us straight-haired girls envy you for that. But while having naturally curly hair is all well and good, your mane can sometimes need a little bit of help to look extra fabulous all day long (especially as curly hair can be prone to dryness). And by help, what we really mean is a curl-enhancing shampoo.

Discover exactly what this handy hair product does (plus our favourite one!) below.

Why you should try a curl-enhancing shampoo


Curl enhancing shampoo: All Things Hair - IMAGE - blonde long curly wavy hair
Curl enhancing shampoo: Why you need to try one. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

As we mentioned, curly hair tends to be drier (and frizzier!) than straight hair. This is because the twists and bends in curly hair mean that it’s harder for the natural oil produced by your scalp to travel all the way down the hair shaft. To help combat dryness and refine your curls’ natural texture and shape, you’ll want to invest in a rich, moisturising, curl-enhancing shampoo. Our fave? The Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Shampoo! 

Here’s what makes it perfect for curly-haired girls:

  • It very gently cleanses curls and helps to give them definition and structure.
  • It contains buriti oil and is rich in Omega-0, nutrients and protein, meaning that the formula packs a punch in the moisturising department. Bye-bye dry coils!
  • It penetrates and strengthens the hair strands against breakage (which is especially important seeing as dry curls are prone to breakage).
  • It helps make hair feel smoother and softer, which in turn, makes your curls look more luscious.
  • It helps to tame frizz and banish flyaways, and as you probably already know, frizz can ruin the look of even the most beautiful of curls!
  • It’s so gentle that you can use it everyday!

So now that you know why you need to try a curl-enhancing shampoo, why not discover some stunning ways to style your curly hair?

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