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Blonde shampoo round-up: 5 of our favourites

Here's how to keep your blonde hair looking vibrant.

It’s not easy to get the perfect shade of blonde: it can cost you many trips to the salon and a lot of money before you achieve your dream colour. So, once you’ve finally got it, you want to keep it looking as vibrant as possible, right? Whether you’ve got sunny highlights, subtle balayage or full-on bleach blonde, a simple way to help maintain your colour vibrancy is to use a blonde shampoo which has been specifically created for your hair hue.

Want to know our favourite blonde shampoo products that’ll help keep your colour looking vibrant? Have a read below for a round-up of our faves.

Editors’ picks: Blonde shampoo


blonde shampoo for long blonde hair
Any shade of blonde hair can benefit from being washed with a blonde shampoo. Credit: Dvora

Toni&Guy Cleanse Shampoo For Blonde Hair (£6.49*)

Made especially with blonde hair in mind, this shampoo will gently cleanse your locks, as well as help to enhance colour vibrancy and shine. If you have quite fine, thin hair and need to wash your mane often, then this is the perfect shampoo for you, as it’s gentle enough to use on a regular basis.

In terms of which shade of blonde you can use this shampoo on, it’s pretty versatile: it’s suitable for natural blondes, highlights and colour-treated hair.

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo (400ml, £17.45*)

This pH-balanced shampoo is infused with keratin (the key protein in hair, which has been demonstrated to help improve resistance to breakage on chemically-treated and coloured hair), and the shampoo’s clever formula is essential for helping to maintain healthy-looking hair. Why are we telling you this? Well, because well-nourished hair generally has better colour vibrancy than dry, broken and brittle hair. And if that wasn’t enough of a reason to try this shampoo, the fact that it smells just like tropical guava (yum!) might just swing your vote.

Want to banish brassiness? There’s a blonde shampoo for that, too! Credit: Dvora

TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Colour Vibrance Protection Shampoo (500ml, £3.69*)

Regularly dyeing your hair in a salon can be pricey, so whether you have bright or subtle blonde hair, you won’t want it to lose its vibrancy a few weeks after you’ve dyed it. By washing your hair with a clever shampoo that features an advanced colour vibrancy technology like this one will help to keep your blonde colour looking more vibrant for up to 40 washes.** Yes, really!

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo (£20.50*)

If you find that your blonde hue gets brassy, you can help to maintain your blonde vibrancy by using a purple toning shampoo. TIGI’s blonde shampoo is powered by violet toners that help to banish brassiness, by increasing the cool tones in your hair, and combating the yellow tones. You don’t need to use this shampoo every time you wash your hair though: just use it as necessary when you feel that your colour’s becoming brassy. Leave it in for a good 1-10 minutes depending on how much brassiness you want to banish.

blonde shampoo for colour vibrancy
A blonde shampoo can help to maintain colour vibrancy. Credit: Dvora

Dove Colour Care Shampoo (400ml £3.69*)

As mentioned, one of the keys to helping maintain your blonde vibrancy is to keep your hair nourished. This Dove shampoo does exactly that: it progressively nourishes hair with regular use and helps to leave coloured hair looking shinier, too. Apply the shampoo to wet hair, lather, rinse and follow with Dove Colour Care Conditioner (350ml, £3.69*) to reap its full benefits.

*RRPs are Unilever suggested retail prices only, it is at the discretion of the individual retailers to set the actual price.

**TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Vibrance Protection Shampoo and Conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo.

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