Best purple shampoo products from Dove, Bed Head, Nexxus and TRESemme

Purple Shampoo: How it Works and Our Top Picks

Calling all blondes! It's time to reap the benefits of a purple shampoo.  

Purple shampoo is a type of shampoo that contains purple pigment in it and works to specifically neutralise brassy, yellow tones. Since purple is yellow’s opposite in the colour wheel, a purple shampoo lessens any appearance of brassiness in the hair that usually occur in blonde, silver or highlighted hair.  And, with regular use, it can help correct your hair’s hue and restore its brightness.

Whether you have blonde highlights or are a boosted blonde all over, a violet shampoo may just be the one thing stopping you from living your best hair life. But don’t fret, because, with the right products, we will have you on the path to dazzling bright blonde hair in no time.

Below, we break down what purple shampoo is, its uses and share our top picks for blonde hair.

Why You Need a Purple Shampoo

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From full Targaryen platinum to a golden blonde hue, odds are you will experience brassy tones at some stage. If popping to the salon for regular toners just isn’t an option (or cost-effective), adding a violet shampoo to your hair routine will help to keep your chosen colour looking fresh and vibrant!

How a Purple Shampoo Works

Based on the colour wheel, purple and yellow are opposites. What this means is that, just like colour correction makeup, violet can help counteract warm yellow tones that start to peak through blonde hair.

The violet toners in purple shampoos help to increase cool tones and banish brassy ones, giving a balancing effect on your bottled colour.

How to Use a Purple Shampoo

Apply as you would a normal shampoo, covering all of your strands. How long you leave a purple shampoo on can vary depending on the level of brassiness, but on average anything between 1-10 minutes is ideal. Then, either follow up with a regular moisturising conditioner or use an accompanying purple conditioner.

What Are the Best Purple Shampoos?

Want to know which purple shampoos we love? Just keep scrolling to find out which shampoos are the best to brighten blonde hair, below.

TRESemmé Violet Blonde Shine Shampoo

Purple shampoos, like the TRESemmé Violet Blonde Shine Shampoo should be used in place of your regular shampoo 2-3 times a week. For best results pair with theTRESemmé Violet Blonde Shine Conditioner.

Tip: If you only have blonde at the tips of your hair (i.e. ombre hair), you can apply a purple shampoo just to the ends – this helps to avoid wastage too.

Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo

Strengthen hair while banishing brassy tones with the Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo. Use 1-2 times a week and leave in for 1-5 minutes each time. Follow with Nexxus Colour Assure Conditioner.

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo

The specially formulated TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo leaves your colour not only vibrant and bright, but hair will also feel smooth and soft with reduced flyaways and frizz.

Dove Silver Care Shampoo

Live your best hair life with the Dove Silver Care Shampoo. Infused with pearl extract and violet toning pigments, this colour care shampoo is perfect for ageing and coloured hair.


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