volumising spray guide: close up shot of martha hunt , backstage at the victoria's secret show, with blown out hair

Volumising spray: The one buy that’ll help you cheat your way to more voluminous hair

Fine strands? It's time for you to get acquainted with a volumising spray, like, now!  

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s this: the voluminous, bombshell waves sported by Victoria’s Secret models are the definition of #hairgoals. But how can you get volume like that IRL without extensions and a 24-7 glam squad? With a volumising spray, of course!

Whether you have fine, flat hair and want to boost your oomph factor (erm, who doesn’t?) or equally want to know what on-trend styles you can slay with a volumising spray, here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this must-have product…

Volumising spray: What, why and how to use it, like a pro


close up shot of model in a studio with blonde fine hair, spraying a volumising spray into her hair
Wondering what a volumising spray is and how to use it? Stick around and see! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

What is a volumising spray?

A volumising spray is a hair styling product that comes in the form of a spray (much like a hairspray), and is designed for the purpose of giving volume and lift to flat hair. On top of this, it also helps you create plumped-up styles with serious staying power.

Since it contains polymer technology which help to “hold” hair in place, when you apply it (specifically to the roots), it temporarily boosts your mane’s body to create the illusion of fullness. Pretty neat, right?

So, how do you use it?

Volumising sprays can be used on both wet and dry tresses, but if you want to use this product to it’s full potential, it’s best you use it on damp hair.

All you need to do is spray the product all over your roots and flip over your hair. Then grab a large round brush and blowdry until your hair is 80% to 90% dry. With this fail-safe technique, you’ll have hold all the way throughout your locks, plus the amazing volume you’ve always dreamed of (yay!).

Our favourite volumising spray for this not-so-secret method? The TIGI Catwalk Bodifying Spray, of course! This is the product to rely on, especially when you want to create a star-worthy blow out that’s full of volume and staying power.

Now you know what a volumising spray is it and how it works, let us show you which double tap-worthy hairstyles you can create with this nifty product…


3 on-trend styles you create with a volumising spray


volumising spray guide: close up shot of woman with blown out waves, posing outside and wearing red dress
These waves? You can wrong them, too! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Bombshell waves

There’s no denying that voluminous, loose waves are the style everyone lusts over. And guess what? You can get the look, right now, with the help of the TONI&GUY 3D Volumiser Spray and our tutorial. You can thank us later…

This must-have volumising spray means business. Not only will it give you fullness from root to tip, but will also make your locks shine – everything you need to absolutely slay your red carpet-worthy waves!

close up shot of model with volumised ponytail hairstyle, posing outside
What’s not to love about a messy ponytail? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Messy ponytail

Haven’t you heard? Limp, lifeless ponytails are out and messy ones are in! And just because your mane resides on the finer side, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on this trend.

Follow our easy messy ponytail how-to for a tousled and fashionable pony that will work every single time.

back shot of woman with banana bun hairstyle, wearing floral dress and posing outside
Watch this space: banana buns are the hairstyle French girl’s will be coveting! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Banana bun

Tried every bun under the sun? If you’ve never channelled your inner French girl, now’s the time! But how will you do it? With this chignon/messy bun hybrid, coined the banana bun.

The secret behind this plumped up styled? The VO5 Volume Creation Hairspray, of course!

This amazing hairspray (that can be used before you create your style and after to hold it!) will help lift your hair dramatically from the roots, allowing to create this voluminous bun.


Now you know all about volumising sprays, the mane world is your oyster! And if you want to banish limp hair for good (or at least for a few days), here are 6 mane-changing tips and tricks that’ll give your limp hair the body you crave!

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