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5 of the best volumising spray products to give you that extra oomph

Flat hair? Discover the best volumising spray for adding lift and bounce. 

How many of you have ever felt personally victimised by flat hair? Limp locks can happen to the best of us and while it’s annoying, it’s not incurable – you’ve just got to make sure you’ve got the best volumising spray in your stash.

Whether you’re just looking for that little extra boost before a night out or an allover fuller appearance for day-to-day, there’s a number of different volumising hair spray products available.

From powder-based sprays to hairsprays specifically designed to add volume, depending on the finish and kind of results you’re after, there’s something to help everyone. Ready to meet your mane match and live happily ever after?

Best volumising sprays: 5 picks every fine-haired girl should own

1.  Dove Advanced Hair Series Volume Amplified Root Lift Spray

If you haven’t heard of the cult Dove Advanced Hair Series Volume Amplified Root Lift Sprayyour strands are seriously missing out. This clever volumising hair spray contains Oxyfusion technology that works to moisturise your hair while also adding up to 95% more volume.

As the name suggests, this product specifically works on lifting the roots to give your hair a bouncy, boosted look instantly.

2. Toni&Guy Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo

Before you go out and buy all new products, you might be surprised to hear that you’ve probably already got something sitting on your counter that can help- dry shampoo! Yep, the stuff that you use to refresh your hair between washes also doubles as an amazing root-booster when you’re in a pinch.

Some dry shampoos, take the Toni&Guy Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo, for example, are even specially formulated with volume in mind. So, just spritz into the roots and work in with your fingertips for an instant lift. Yay for multi-functional products!

3. VO5 Volume Creation Hairspray

Most of us tend to think of hairspray as something you use only after styling, but we’re not using it to its full potential. The VO5 Volume Creation Hairspray isn’t just any old hairspray, its workable formula actually helps you to create looks too, meaning you’re able to spray your strands before you even begin styling, building up the volume as you go.

4. TIGI Bed Head Full Of It Volume Finishing Hairspray

Finding the best hairspray for volume for fine hair can seem like a double-edged sword sometimes because while you obviously need a hairspray that’s firm enough to actually lock in your style, crispy formulas that will weigh down your hair are a major no-no. Enter the TIGI Bed Head Full of It Volume Finishing Hairspray.

This gives your hair boosted volume without making it feel hard or like it’s coated in product. Basically, it’s heavy duty without actually being heavy.

5. VO5 Dry Texturising Spray

Ask any hairstylist for tips on tackling flat hair and they’ll tell you that layered haircuts can make a massive difference. A plumping powder or texturising spray like this VO5 Dry Texturising Spray cleverly helps to define and plump up these individual layers, complementing the cut perfectly.

Texturising sprays are also fantastic for reviving hair during the day, as you just have to spritz, zhush and go. We always keep one on our desks for post-work, pre-drinks touch-ups!


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