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The best hair oils to try this summer

Get your mane summer-ready with our favourite hair oils.

Sea, sun, sand: there are many things to love about the summer holidays! But while the change in weather (and location) is great for morale, it can also bring with it new hair challenges, as hot and humid conditions can play havoc with our hair’s moisture levels, making it more frizzy, dry and prone to breakage. But the good news is that hair oils can help limit some of these issues! Wondering which one you should pick? Here are 3 of our best hair oils to try out this sunshine season.

3 Of our best hair oils to try this summer

Best hair oils for summer Dove Pure Care Dry Oil
Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment.

African macadamia oil

Why is it one of the best hair oils to try this summer? Because it’s one of the richest sources of omega-7: essential fatty acids found in the natural oil on your hair, which helps to condition and protect your tresses. A great way to use this oil during summer is as a protector while you’re at the pool. Protect your hair from the drying effects of chlorine and apply post-swim. And don’t forget to don your best swimming cap, it’ll really help protect your tresses while you’re in the pool!

Try: Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment (£6.99*)

This African macadamia oil-infused formula helps to replenish hair lipids, leaving your locks feeling supple and smooth. Plus, it’s fast-absorbing, non-greasy and nourishing, giving your hair a touchable softness and a healthy-looking shine.

best hair oils TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Oil Elixir
TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Oil Elixir

Argan oil

It’s more than likely that you’ve already heard of this miracle hair oil and its frizz-taming benefits. Argan oil is a Moroccan native liquid that’s perfect when used as a summertime leave-in conditioner to fight frizz, thanks to its blend of natural antioxidants, and detangling and shine-boosting properties. Just apply it to damp hair post-wash, and blow-dry (or simply leave it to air-dry)!

Try: TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Oil Elixir (£6.99*)

The TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Oil Elixir is a lightweight hair oil that helps nourish your hair and reduce frizz. Infused with argan oil, this formula will help your hair feel velvety soft. Plus, you can use this product pre-styling, post-styling and as a daily conditioning treat!

Best hair oils for summer vo5 hot oil treatment
Practical and nourishing hot oil treatment for hair.

Avocado oil

Want to use a hair oil, but worried about it leaving your hair feeling heavy? Try avocado oil! Because it’s lightweight, your hair and scalp will quickly absorb it. Avocado oil is also full of vitamin B, E, C, proteins and amino acids, which means it does a great job at moisturising thirsty manes, so you can use it as a conditioner, sealant or as a pre-poo treatment.

TryVO5 Give Me Moisture Hot Oils and the VO5 Give Me Shine Hot Oils (£4.28* each)

These hot oil treatments are enriched with 5 essential oils: avocado oil, apricot oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil and rosemary leaf oil. These intensive pre-shampoo treatments help repair and nourish your tresses and are infused with white pearl extracts (sounds super luxurious, doesn’t it?). And because these products penetrate deep within the hair, they reduce breakage from brushing by up to 60%** and remove 75% more chlorine than shampooing alone.

*RRPs are Unilever suggested retail prices only, it is at the discretion of the individual retailers to set the actual price.

**Hot oil treatment vs non-conditioning shampoo. 

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