Styling mousse: How to use it properly

Arianna | 11 November 2016

This multi-tasking hair product will be your new BFF!

Hair styling mousse is one of those miracle hair products that, when used correctly, can work wonders for your mane! Often touted by top stylists as being a must-have product in your styling arsenal, a mousse can do more for your mane than many people would think. Not only is it one of the most versatile hair styling products on the market, but it’s also a great multi-tasker – helping to add volume to fine, limp locks, setting styles in place, and helping de-frizz curls.

However, in order to do all of these amazing things, the styling mousse has to be applied to your strands properly. So, if you’re unsure about how to do this, don’t stress: simply read on, and let the All Things Hair experts give you some handy tips and tricks!

How to use styling mousse: Our top 3 tips


Styling mousse: All Things Hair - IMAGE - long brown curly hair mousse
Styling mousse: How to use it properly. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. Apply it to damp hair

When applying styling mousse to your tresses, you should always do so when your hair is damp. Why? Well, this way the mousse won’t leave your hair looking or feeling sticky (yay!). And as for the quantity, we recommend using a tennis ball-sized amount, but of course, you can alter this depending on your hair length and thickness.

2. Apply it with a wide tooth comb.

To ensure that the mousse is evenly distributed throughout your mane, try squirting the product onto a wide tooth comb, before gently brushing it through your damp hair.

Styling mousse: All Things Hair - IMAGE - blonde wet damp hair long
Styling mousse: How to use it properly. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

3. Use a hair dryer to activate the product.

Mousse is a great volumiser. It has a heat-activated polymer content that, when dried, swells and holds together, so it gives great volume and hold. – Dan Lynes, Unilever Creative Director and Head Stylist.

For added volume, body, and mega-holding power, dry the mousse into your mane using a hair dryer. This way, you’ll activate the clever polymer content, making the mousse swell in size (and in turn, giving your strands a huge volume boost!). So, if you’re looking for a great all-rounder styling mousse, try the TIGI Catwalk Strong Hold Mousse – it moisturises, conditions, help prevent build up, and (most importantly) our editor’s love it!


So, now you’re all clued up about how to use a styling mousse properly, you’ll want to discover which hair mousse is perfect for your hair type – never again will you be baffled by all the different types on the market. You’re welcome!


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