3 moisturising mask hair products our editors swear by

Want to look like you've just come out of the salon? Use a moisturising mask!  

Ever used a moisturising mask on your hair before? If not, there’s something you should: they’re the secret to better hair days. If you think of them as a kind of high-powered conditioner or, even better, botox for your strands, you’ll soon understand why every mane lover has one in their bathroom.

Intrigued? Ahead we’ve detailed why you need one and suggest some editor-approved picks.


Will a moisturising mask work for me?

In short: yes! Whether you’re hair colour crazy or a straightener addict, naturally prone to dryness or just a victim to the changing weather, a professional hair mask can help get your locks in tip-top shape.

But won’t a moisturising conditioner do the same thing? Nope! Unlike your fave conditioner, a moisturising mask delivers an intensive dose of conditioning ingredients, which are ultra-hydrating and made for thirsty strands.

Now that you have a better understanding of hair masks, why not check out which ones our editors are swearing by, below? Who knows, you might finding the hair product of your dreams!

Amra Markic, Junior Beauty Editor

“The reason I use a moisturising mask? Because my hair is naturally dry and prone to breakage. And since also I used to chemically relax it (I’ve been natural for over year now, FYI!), it’s left my hair feeling drier than the Sahara Desert.

To save my natural strands, I’ve been religiously using the Love Beauty And Planet Hope & Repair 2 Minute Magic MasqueNot only does this hair reconstruction product smell like a tropical cocktail, but it contains a nature-infused blend of oils that give my locks the moisture boost it needs!”

Beth Strong, Junior Beauty Editor

“Going from dark to light hair (with the help of bleach) undeniably leaves my locks feeling dry, stretchy, limp, and generally sad. However, using the TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 Intensive Mask (AKA a God-sent hair reconstruction product for coloured hair!) gives my mane the TLC it deserves.

Why do I rely on this hair moisturising mask once a week? Because it helps keep my bleach blonde hair on-point, all while leaving my locks looking and feeling healthier.”

Leona English, Junior Beauty Editor

“First, let’s state the obvious: finding a professional hair mask for strands that fall on the finer side of the spectrum isn’t easy! And for ages I believed that hair masks weren’t meant for me, simply because they were too heavy. But that all changed when I tried the Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Souffle Treatment.

Containing Oxyfusion technology, which bursts on contact with your hair, it amps up my tresses from the roots and adds bounce, without leaving my hair weighed down.

The reason I continue to use this moisturising mask time and time again? Because I have fine hair, I don’t tend to use conditioner after every wash day, as it can weigh down my strands and cause greasy product build-up. So, I use this in between washes to keep my locks hydrated and voluminous. And guess what? I love it!”