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How to Use a Hair Dryer Diffuser in 4 Easy Steps

Consider this your fast-track ticket to well-defined curls. 

A hair dryer diffuser is a blowdryer attachment which helps to enhance natural curls. The flat, circular shape helps to control the distribution of heat, preventing too much from being directed at one particular area and causing damage. Most commonly used by those with natural or wavy hair, they can also be used to add volume and body to fine and straight hair. If you want to learn how to use a diffuser, follow our simple steps below.

1. Prep

Woman with brunette curly hair scrunching her hair in her hands
Prep your hair.

Dry your hair using a T-shirt instead of a regular towel, as the cotton material will help absorb moisture, but its smooth surface will cause less friction.


Due to the shape of each curl, it is often difficult for sebum to travel down the hair shaft, so curly hair has a tendency to be susceptible to dryness. To fight dry, brittle hair, spritz your damp hair with a leave-in conditioner – like the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist – and then apply a hair oil – like the Dove Advanced Hair Series Shine Revived Treatment – to help ‘seal’ the cuticles and give your curls definition.

2. Section your hair

Woman with brunette curly hair sectioning her hair
Section your hair.

Now that your hair has been prepped, it’s time to divide your tresses up. Use section clips to keep each section of hair out of the way, so you can keep track of what you’ve dried and what you haven’t. Attach your diffuser to your hairdryer and set the temperature to a low-to-medium setting.

3. Using your hairdryer diffuser

Woman with brunette curly hair putting her hair into a hairdryer diffuser
Place your hair into the diffuser.

Take your first section of hair and place the ends on top of the diffuser. Gently rotate and move the diffuser towards the roots of your hair, using the prongs to massage the hair as you go. This method will help add volume, as well as keeping your curl definition intact.

Continue doing this circular motion with your hairdryer diffuser until your first section of hair is dry, then work your way through the rest of the sections until you’ve completely dried your entire head of hair.

4. Post-hair drying

Brunette woman with blow dried curly hair
Use a serum to keep hair smooth.

Now you’ve dried your curly hair using your hairdryer diffuser, it’s time to make sure your blow-dried ‘do remain picture-perfect for as long as possible.


As a post-drying treatment, try using a hair serum. Although it is primarily a heat protectant, we love theVO5 Heat Protect Serum – this multi-functional miracle product works a treat on curly hair. Just apply a couple of pumps of the serum to your tresses to instantly add definition and help tame any flyways.

Easy, right?


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