5 reasons to love dry shampoo

5 Reasons why we love dry shampoo

Struggling to understand why everyone's so obsessed with dry shampoo? Discover the truth behind the hype...

For those of you who’re still trying to figure out what it is, dry shampoo is a spray or powder, formulated to help refresh your hair. And its miracle-like qualities mean that it has saved many women from bad (or greasy) hair days. But if you’ve used it before, then you’ll probably understand why everyone (us included!) is so in love with this seemingly simple product.

We know, the hype can seem rather over the top – especially if you’ve yet to try it – but trust us, there are countless reasons to love dry shampoo. Which is why we’ve decided to list the most important ones, below, to try and recruit you to join the #lovedryshampoo gang, pronto. So, whether you’re a convert, a sceptic or already a fan, you might want to have a look at these 5 main reasons that make dry shampoo such a fantastic product!

Why we love dry shampoo

1. It’s convenient

There are so many reasons to love dry shampoo, but for us, this is probably the biggest and simplest one. Unlike standard shampoos, you don’t need water to use the product and it’s easy to carry around, no matter where you go! It’s a must-have for anyone going to festivals and time-poor gym bunnies who need to cleanse and style their hair on the go.

2. You can wash your hair less often

Let’s be honest, with our busy modern lives, we all struggle a little with time management, which can make it hard for us to wash our tresses as often as we should. The great thing about dry shampoo is that it can give you a fresher look in less than 10 minutes, even without the help of any tools.

Editor’s tip: why not try using your dry shampoo just before bedtime? It’ll help absorb excess oils and sweat while you’re sleeping, so you’ll wake up the next day with fresher-looking hair!

dry shampoo helps to provide volume and lift
Dry shampoo helps to provide volume and lift.

3. It can help boost volume

Ok, this isn’t entirely true, but if your hair looks a little flat, try spritzing it with some dry shampoo. It can easily help solve the problem by giving your mane a little more body and bounce. And thanks to its oil-absorbing formula, you can say bye-bye to lank locks and greasy roots.

4. The options are endless!

When dry shampoo first hit the market, there was only one type available. Now that formulas have improved, there are many different dry shampoos for an array of hair needs! Translucent, matte texture, volumising, ultra-cleansing or refreshing: whatever your desires, there’s guaranteed to be the perfect one for you!

5. It can help you create all sorts of hairstyles 

Dry shampoo is such a versatile product, and it certainly does more than it says on the can! Need to create volume or texture? Look no further. Dry shampoo can help fine, silky hair hold styles better and give your locks more grip, which is perfect for nailing beautiful braided ‘dos or if you need to tease your mane before creating a look.

Find out how to use dry shampoo for the most effective results!


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