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The products you need for glossy hair + Tips on how to use them!

Lustrous hair, here you come!

Do you dream of having model-worthy, ultra glossy hair? Yeah, us too. But if you aren’t lucky enough to be born with naturally shiny strands, don’t fret: because you can actually fake your way to a glossy-looking mane and it’s all down to some trusty hair products.

So, if you’re ready to discover how to get lustrous locks, read on for a round-up of our favourite shine-enhancing products, plus our editor’s top tips on how to use them. Bye-bye dull strands; hello shine!

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Glossy hair starts in the shower!

Glossy hair starts in the shower

If you want really glossy-looking hair, then you’re going to have to start from the very beginning. And that means, choosing the right shampoo and conditioner to help pump some life back into dull locks. Our favourites? The Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo works wonders for lacklustre strands, by helping to add in loads of lovely shine, without weighing the hair down.

Editor’s tip: After you’ve finished washing your tresses, blast them with some cold water. While warm water helps to open the hair cuticle, cold water helps close it, making the hair appear smoother and (yep, you guessed it) glossier!

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The Dove Daily Moisture Conditioner is one of our favourite shine-enhancing products.

Use a conditioner with microsheets

Did you know that the Dove Daily Moisture Conditioner not only contains ingredients that works on the surface, just below the surface and at the core of the hair fibre giving it strength and shine, but is also is made in a very special way – which helps give you amazing hair.

And if you’ve always wondered how your hair gets to look smooth and shiny, we’re here to tell you that it’s probably down to microsheets. Dove conditioners are made in this special way with microsheets, helping to give you smoother, softer and more aligned hair. But how do they work? Well, microsheets describe the sheet-like structure you can see when you look at the Dove conditioners under a microscope. Lots of small well-formed sheets, rather than blobs.

The microsheets work their magic when they come into contact with water, which means that when you rinse your hair under the shower, forcing your hair fibres apart. Keeping these fibres apart helps to significantly reduce the amount of their surface damage, resulting in smoother, shinier hair!

Treat yourself to a weekly deep conditioning treatment

As well as using a conditioner that has microsheets, you can also indulge in a weekly deep conditioning treatment, to help give your locks and extra boost in the shine and gloss department. Basically another name for an intensive conditioner, deep conditioning treatments provide that much needed nourishment to dry, damaged, and dull-looking hair.

To really ramp up the hydration of your tresses, apply the TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Creamy Moisture Mask onto towel-dried hair, and leave it on for approximately 3-5 minutes. Then rinse it out, and you’ll be left with enviably glossy-looking locks. 

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Cheat your way to glossy hair with a shine spray.

Cheat your way to glossy hair with a spray

Now, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: you can fake your way to glossy hair with a little help from the TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray. This clever spray (which we like to call ‘spray-on gloss’) features a super-shine mist, that can be applied to dry hair, giving an explosive sheen to even the dullest of strands.

If you have highlights, ombre, or balayage hair, you’ll especially love this product, as it can help add depth to highlights and colour. We know, this sounds like the stuff of hair dreams, but it’s all true! Just be sure to spritz your mane after styling, for an all-over shine. You can even pop this handy product into your handbag in case you need an on-the-go gloss boost throughout the day.

So, now that you’re all clued up on our favourite gloss-enhancing products and how to use them, you’ll be flaunting envy-inducing locks in no time! But until you get your hands on these wondrous products, why not check out some more of our fabulous hair care tips to see you through winter?

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