Hair myth or truth: If I leave my conditioner in overnight, will it work better?

Will leaving my conditioner on my tresses overnight leave me with dreamy hair? We find out...

We’ve all heard that leaving conditioner on your hair overnight will help the product work better. But how true is this really?

Well, dry-haired girls can rejoice because this one is true! If you really want soft, smooth and all-around swish-worthy hair that doesn’t feel crisp, leave your conditioner on for more than just your quick shower sesh.

collage of a mixed race woman washing her hair, drying her hair and with her hair styled
Dry and curly haired girls can rejoice! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Top tip: To get perfectly conditioned hair try applying your product of choice to dry hair and leaving it overnight. The conditioning agents will be deposited directly on the hair, enhancing both softness and smoothness. Try this before washing your hair!

Want to give this a go? Try the Love Beauty Planet Hope & Repair Conditioner, it’s perfect for thirsty dry or curly hair. This conditioner is also formulated with coconut oil, it nourishes and helps visibility repair damaged hair.


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