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The 7 Best Conditioners for Curly Hair You’ll Seriously Love

Discover the best conditioner for curly hair, here!

Want to take your curly hair to the next level? You’ll need to rethink your hair routine, starting with your conditioner. The unique shape and structure of curly hair make it prone to dryness (because the scalp’s natural oils find it difficult to get to the ends of curly hair!), so investing in a conditioner that can give your mane a moisture boost is the way forward.

Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best conditioners for curly hair, right here. Whether you’ve got a wavy mane or beautiful springy coils, there’s bound to be something that’ll help your curls look their best, below.

Nexxus Frizz Defy Conditioner

We’re all about embracing frizz, but if it is something that you’d like help with minimising, the best conditioner for your curly hair is the Nexxus Frizz Defy Conditioner.

This protein-infused conditioner contains Argan oil, which is known is for its smoothing properties. Not only will this luxe conditioner help restore lost proteins, but it will leave hair humidity and frizz resistant.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner Front

Another smoothing conditioner we can’t get enough? TheTRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner, of course. Again, if you need help with frizz and want to make sure your curls look extra defined, using a smoothing conditioner now and again, will help you get there.

TRESemmé Botanique Hemp Hydration Conditioner

As we mentioned above, curly hair has a tendency to be dry. This is because the natural oils your scalp produces find it harder to travel down curly strands. The simple solution? To use a hydrating conditioner like the TRESemmé Botanique Hemp Hydration Conditioner.

This nourishing conditioner is perfect for giving curls a moisture boost while also giving them healthy-looking glow. Also if you’re looking for a curly hair conditioner that is silicone-free, you’ll be happy to know that this one is.

Love Beauty And Planet Happy & Hydrated Conditioner

When you’re detangling your natural curls in the shower, it’s important to use a hair conditioner with lots of slip to make the process easy and pain-free! Our fave conditioner to use for this is the Love Beauty And Planet Happy & Hydrated Conditioner.

This moisturising conditioner is infused with organic coconut oil and shea butter, which work in tandem to help nourish and soften hair. The best thing? It also works to enhance curl definition and smells utterly divine.

Dove Nourishing Oil Light Conditioner

The best everyday conditioner for curly hair? The Dove Nourishing Oil Light Conditioner, of course. With a deeply moisturising formula that is designed to reach the driest parts of your hair, this caring conditioner will help revive your locks and leave them feeling nourished.

If you’ve got fine, curly hair, you won’t need to worry about this conditioner weighing down your tresses as it contains a unique blend of weightless Nutri Oils.

Also, if you’re looking to maintain a healthy scalp and are dealing with scalp dryness, this conditioner (along with its amazing shampoo!) is exactly what you need.

Love Beauty And Planet Hope & Repair Conditioner

If you’re looking for the best conditioner for damaged curls, you’ll love the Love Beauty And Planet Hope & Repair ConditionerThis conditioner is great for nourishing curls while also helping to prevent hair breakage and split ends.

With regular use, you’ll be able to get your curls looking healthier and feeling stronger in no time.

Nexxus Colour Assure Conditioner

Do you have colour-treated curls? If you want to prevent colour fade and maintain your dyed strands, the best conditioner for you is the Nexxus Colour Assure Conditioner.

This conditioner uses an exclusive blend of proteins to lock in moisture and help maintain colour vibrancy. So, you really can’t go wrong with using this protective, conditioning formula on your mane.

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