Natural hair care: Top tips on maintaining a healthy mane

Jeanette | 25 June 2016

Practical tips to get your natural hair looking its best.

Healthy-looking hair seems to be the eternal quest for most people. But for new naturalistas, the task can sometimes seem somewhat impossible. However, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be, and with some helpful hints and tips, you easily can master natural hair care and score yourself a beautiful looking mane. So, want to know our simple advice to get your natural hair care and mane on point? Discover our top 5 tips, below.

Natural hair care: Top 5 tips on maintaining a healthy mane


1. Try a pre-(sham)poo treatment

Due to the tight curly or coily nature of natural black hair it has a tendency to be dryer than other hair types. A great way to combat this, is to introduce using a pre-(sham)poo treatment and if used regularly, it can help lessen the drying effects of hair washing. The VO5 Give Me Moisture Hot Oils (£4.28*) penetrate your hair, helping to restore moisture to your mane in just 1 minute. It also helps to counteract any damage caused by daily wear-and tear, doubling hair strength, and reducing breakage caused by brushing and styling.

2. Consider your hair care

Rather than getting hair care for each individual natural hair issue, have you considered just getting a hair care system designed specially for curly and coily hair? The Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute range, helps to tackle all natural hair care issues in one fell swoop. It’s infused with nutrients, protein and buriti oil, which is rich in Omega-9, and it’s formulated  to hydrate, and nourish each strand and leaving curls 4x more defined**. So, you can bid farewell to dryness, lack of curl definition and frizziness without restoring to an armoury of hair care products. Great, right?

3. Make leave-in conditioners your best friend

Like we mentioned earlier, natural hair is prone to dryness and easily loses moisture. However, the good news is, that leave-in conditioners are a great way to top-up on moisture. We’ll leave it up to you to decide on what kind of leave-in you prefer but sprays are easy to apply to natural black hair and can be used as your liquid, if you’re a fan of the LOC, LCO or LOCO methods. The TIGI S-Factor Papaya Leave In Moisture Spray (£16.45*) nourishes and strengthens with its blend of vitamins A and E and keratin amino acid. Not to mention – it smells like papaya!

natural hair care
Get beautiful natural hair with a moisturising leave-in.

4. Use a serum to define

Defining curl pattern and getting rid of frizz are the ultimate goals of every naturalista. Using a hair serum is a quick and easy way to banish a hair halo of frizz and regain a clear curl pattern. We know that the VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Serum (£3.99*) is a heat protectant, but it also works a treat in defining curls and coils.

5. Seal in moisture with hair oil

It’s important to lock in moisture after washing natural hair, so using hair oils can help seal in moisture and close your hair cuticles. But if you’re worried about your hair being oily and greasy, why not try the Dove Pure Care Nourishing Treatment Dry Oil (£6.99 *). It’s infused with African macadamia oil and has a non-greasy formulation, making it perfect, not only post-wash, but also for adding moisture in between washes!

*RRPs are Unilever suggested retail prices only, it is at the discretion of the individual retailers to set the actual price. 

**3-step system vs non-conditioning shampoo


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