Kelly Rowland rocks big hair for Schön! magazine

Jeanette | 13 October 2016

Kelly, can you handle this? 

Okay, brace yourself, because we’re pretty sure that you’ve never seen Kelly Rowland like this before! The former Destiny’s Child member has stunned us all by gracing the cover of Schön! magazinerocking beautiful, au naturel kinky hair. Yes that’s right, she’s working some seriously bold afro hairstyles, and we love it! And just to let you know: her locks are big and totally fierce – so watch out!

Kelly Rowland rocks natural hair


Kelly Rowland: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Big natural hair
Kelly Rowland: Big hair don’t care! Credit:

Now, we’re not sure how Kelly got her hair so big, but since the starlet recently had her tresses cut into a super chic, short bob, we’re guessing that it was most likely thanks to a wig, clip-in extensions or a weave. Either way, the All Things Hair team appauld her for rocking such a brilliantly bold ‘fro! Credit: @kellyrowland

Kelly Rowland: All Things Hair - IMAGE - 3 ponytail
Kelly Rowland rocks bold 3 ponytail updo. Credit:

What’s more, the fashion shoot couldn’t have been better timed – discussions are being sparked daily about natural hair, with news outlets worldwide catching onto the debate of dreadlock bans and natural hair policies. Well, Kelly certain shows them who’s in charge of her locks! Credit: @kellyrowland

Kelly Rowland: All Things Hair - IMAGE - natural hair with hat
Kelly Rowland natural hair. Credit:

Editor’s tip: Just remember, if you do decide to wear your afro out and proud, it’s important to keep your all your curls, kinks and coils well moisturised. We suggest trying the Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Crème Serum. This amazing product makes the perfect on-the-go moisturiser and is specifically designed for naturally curly hair, helping to soften, add shine, and give loads of natural movement and definition!


Want to celebrate your natural hair in all its glory? Then you need to check out our Black Hairstyles and Natural Hair Care pages – filled with loads of expert tips and tricks, they’ll help you make the most of your ‘fro!

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