Which keratin treatment is right for you?

Jeanette | 27 May 2016

Which treatment will you pick?

Deciding, which keratin treatment is right for you isn’t an easy task – especially when specialist terms and treatment names are often used interchangeably. Our hair is made of the protein keratin, which is why the treatments work such a treat in smoothing, making our hair look and feel healthier. However, not all keratin treatments were created equal. So, what are the different types of treatments available? We’ve put together a simple guide of the 4 main keratin treatments and who they’re best for. See below to find out which one might be for you.

Keratin treatment 101


keratin treatment for sleek hair
Keratin treatment for sleek hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

1. The Brazilian blowdry

Best for: All hair types

Arguably the most well known of all the keratin treatments, the Brazilian blowdry involves applying keratin to the hair, which is then blow-dried (hence the apt name) and “sealed” in. Most treatments take roughly a few hours to do and last around 3-6 months. If you’re looking to beat humidity, reduce frizz or straighten out your curls, you might want to give this revolutionary keratin treatment a go. It’s also worth noting that it can be adapted for all hair types and needs, so do consult your stylist beforehand about what might be best for you.

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Smooth Asian waves: Soft keratin treatment
Soft keratin treatment. Credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Soft keratin treatment

Best for: Those that want to smooth their hair without losing their curls completely

Want to tame frizz, but retain those lush curls and waves? The soft keratin treatment will still flatten out your curls, but to a lesser degree than the Brazilian blowdry. This keratin treatment is free of formaldehyde-producing ingredients, which is slightly more pleasant for your nose and for anyone with a sensitive scalp. While soft keratin treatments will help smooth and straighten, it’s worth bearing in mind that the results will vary from formaldehyde-producing formulas.

Say bye-bye to straighteners!

3. Japzilian treatment

Best for: Those that want to limit the damaging effects of hair straightening

This keratin treatment is a blend of the Japanese straightening and the Brazilian blowdry (now the name makes sense, right?). The idea is that it takes the positives of each treatment and mixes them together for the best of both worlds. Japanese straightening is essentially a chemical relaxer, which can make hair straight, but leave it weaker and drier, so that’s where the Brazilian blowdry steps in! Afterwards, the Brazilian keratin treatment is applied on top to help replenish the hair, seal moisture and prevent the effects of humidity.

Express keratin treatment. Straight black hair
Time poor? Credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Express treatment

Best for: Those lacking in time

Time-poor, but want a protein boost while you get a new ‘do? Then why not try the express keratin treatment? Like the name suggests, it doesn’t take as long as the other straightening methods. But much like other treatments, keratin is applied to the hair and sealed with a hair dryer and straighteners. However, for this treatment the keratin comes in the form of a serum. The whole process takes roughly 45 minutes and is typically offered alongside a haircut. Express, indeed!


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