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How to stop greasy hair: The best products to use in your mane

Grease-free and gorgeous? Yes please!  

We’ve all been there: you’re having a great hair day, feeling confident and taking on the world – but then, part way through the day, you notice your locks have become greasy (sigh), and your confidence vanishes! So, to ensure this never happens to you again, we bet you want to know how to stop greasy hair in its tracks, right? Then you’ve come to the right place…

Below, we’re going to share our top secret tips and product recommendations that will help you swap greasy hair for gorgeous hair! So, if you’re ready to learn how to keep your oily strands under control, simply read on.

How to stop greasy hair: Editor’s picks of the best products to use


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How to stop greasy hair: The best products to use.

Use a cleansing wash and care duo

Sometimes greasy hair can be caused by genetics and environmental factors, and other times it can be contributed by regularly using hair sprays, hair mousses, and everything else in between. This is because these hair styling products can cause build-up in your locks, and (if they’re not properly washed out) they can leave your hair looking rather greasy.

For a deep cleanse, we recommend using the TRESemmé Cleanse & Replenish Deep Cleansing Shampoo and TRESemmé Cleanse & Replenish Remoisture Conditioner, which helps to rid hair of product build-up, by gently clarifying and removing any unwanted residue.

Editor’s tip: Apply your conditioner only from mid-length to ends, as applying it to the top of your head can actually weigh your hair down and make your roots look greasy.

Apply dry shampoo before you go to sleep

As you probably know, a dry shampoo can help to make greasy hair appear more matte. However, did you know that you can apply this product before you go to bed, to help prevent greasy hair, too? It’s true: a dry shampoo, like the VO5 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo, really helps to absorb any excess oil and residue that’s been produced overnight – pretty neat, right?

girl with long brown hair
How to stop greasy hair: The best products to use.

Use a matte sea salt spray

Sea salt sprays are also great styling products to help add some natural, tousled movement to limp or lifeless strands. And seeing as greasy hair often looks limp, this product is ideal to use on your mane! So, opt for a sea salt spray with a matte finish, like the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray, to help fake the look of freshly-washed tresses. We won’t tell if you don’t.


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