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How to prevent greasy hair: Our editors share their top tips

Grease: be gone!

‘How to prevent greasy hair’ is a common hair query for most of us. And while greasy hair is a pain, it happens to the best of us (ok, all of us). Your scalp naturally produces sebum (oil) to help keep it healthy, but when this builds up, it can make your hair look limp and greasy.

Don’t fret, though: there are a few things you can do to help. The first? Read this. Because the All Things Hair team have shared our personal tips on how to prevent greasy hair. Find out what our editors do to keep their hair looking fresher for longer below…

How to prevent greasy hair: Editors’ top tips


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No one likes limp and greasy hair.

Arianna, Beauty & News Editor: My secret to preventing my hair from going greasy is to apply some Toni&Guy Perfect Tease Dry Shampoo onto my roots before I go to bed, not once I’ve woken up in the morning. This product really helps to absorb any excess oil and residue that’s been produced overnight, and it saves me an extra few minutes in the morning. Plus, this trick is great for those who don’t use a translucent dry shampoo, as you won’t wake up with any white tell-tale signs.

Amra, Junior Beauty Editor: Since my hair is naturally dry, I tend to only wash my mane once a week, as greasiness isn’t something I deal with regularly. But I think it helps that I use a cleansing shampoo like the Toni&Guy Cleanse Advanced Detox Shampoo. This removes product build-up like a dream and helps to get my hair squeaky clean!

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Discover our editors’ hair secrets!

Bethany Strong, Junior Beauty Editor: I like to straighten out my naturally wavy locks, but annoyingly I do find that my hair starts to get greasy much quicker when it’s straight. To try and avoid this problem, I limit myself to only using my straightener once between washes and keeping a can of the TRESemmé Instant Refresh Translucent Dry Shampoo in my handbag. The formula leaves barely any residue, so I don’t need to worry about it leaving any white marks if I don’t have a mirror to hand!

Jeanette, Senior Editor: I don’t really suffer from greasy hair that often, as my hair is naturally dry and curly. But I find that it gets greasier much quicker when I over-brush my hair, as brushing can stimulate oil production. So, to avoid this from happening, I try to limit brushing to when I’m styling or braiding my hair (which suits my afro hair just fine!).


So now you know our top tips on how to prevent greasy hair, all you need to do is try them! Easy, right? Just don’t forget to explore more of our interesting reads on our Hair Care page.

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