Greasy hair: What’s causing it?

Wondering why you have greasy hair? Here are some answers (and solutions)...

Tackling greasy hair is probably one of the greatest challenges many of us face. And no matter how hard you try and fix it, sometimes, it can just feel like you’re fighting a losing battle – especially when the simplest things, such as touching your locks, can make matters worse.

However, there are lots of changes that you can make to your daily grooming regime in order to transform your greasy hair into a healthy-looking, glowing mane! With diligent care, attention and a little know-how, you’ll be able to limit the severity of your greasy locks. Want to learn how? Have a look at our helpful guide, and discover what might be making your hair greasy so you can find the right solutions.

Greasy hair 101


greasy hair causes
What causes greasy hair?

The main causes of greasy hair

All hair types are prone to greasiness, which can be caused by the overproduction of sebum, a waxy substance that is produced naturally by the body in order to keep your hair waterproof, supple and silky soft. The presence of oil in your tresses (produced by the sebaceous glands) is directly linked to the high amount of oil on your scalp. Not only does the accumulation of excess oil look unsightly, but it can also make your hair more difficult to style.

However, that’s not all: greasy hair is also widely associated with a number of other issues, from hormonal changes linked to puberty and menopause, to the development of skin problems, including acne. And although washing your hair too much can strip it of natural essential oils, not doing it enough can lead to a greasy mane, as inconsistent cleaning can cause a build-up of dirt, toxins and other substances that result in greasy roots and strands.

greasy hair advice
What to do if you have oily hair.

What to do if you have oily hair

If oily hair continues to be a persistent issue, the first thing you should try is swapping your regular shampoo for a deep cleansing one, like TRESemmé Cleanse & Replenish Deep Cleansing Shampoo (£500ml, £3.69*)which has been designed to give you a deep clean and helps to remove product and oil build-up, but is gentle enough for everyday use. And don’t forget to use the matching TRESemmé Cleanse & Replenish Remoisture Conditioner (500ml, £3.69*). Want something stronger? Try occasionally using Toni&Guy Cleanse & Nourish Shampoo For Advanced Detox (£6.49*), which can help to remove heavy product build-up, as well as dirt and grease, leaving your hair looking and feeling squeaky clean.

Top tips for preventing greasy hair

  • Be careful when applying your conditioner. If your hair is prone to excessive greasiness, make sure you apply your conditioner only from mid-length to ends, as applying it to the top of your head can actually weigh your hair down and cause your roots to become greasy quicker.
It’s all about finding a good balance, as washing your hair too often can strip it of its essential oils, and not doing it enough can lead to greasy roots.
  • Wash your hair less often (or only when you really need to). It’s all about finding a good balance, as washing your hair too often can strip it of its essential oils, and not doing it enough can lead to greasy roots. Washing your mane everyday is not ideal if you’re trying to prevent greasiness, because if you are constantly stripping your hair of its essential oils, it will automatically try and replace them, making your locks greasier.
  • Brush and touch your hair less! Over brushing and even touching your mane can encourage oil production, so, if you can, try and only do it when absolutely necessary.

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