Can you make hair grow faster? The truth about hair growth

Hair growth myths debunked. 

“How can I make hair grow faster?” is a question that most of us have undoubtedly Googled in the past. But is there really a way to make hair grow faster? The truth is: unfortunately not – there’s no proof that you can make your hair grow faster with lifestyle changes, products, food or supplements. And the sooner we accept this fact, the better.

But don’t get down in the dumps about it, because there are some things you can do to help retain your hair length to make it appear longer – which is next best thing to actually being able to make hair grow faster, surely! Keep reading below to find out more about the hair growth myths, and discover our top tips for retaining your length.

Can you make hair grow faster?


Grow your hair faster? Blonde long healthy hair braided
Can you make your hair grow faster? Well, no, but you can retain your hair length.

How quickly does hair grow?

Hair growth varies from person to person depending on factors such as race and genetics, but on average, hair grows around one centimetre a month. When you think about it, this isn’t a huge amount, so it’s important that you work hard to retain your length if you want your hair to look longer.

The growth rate (of hair) varies, but on average, it’s around a centimetre per month. – Francesca Rapolla, Unilever R&D Technical Manager for hair

“The hair growth cycle is divided into 3 phases: anagen (growth stage), catagen (transition stage), and telogen (resting stage). The anagen phase can last between 2 to 6 years and is characterised by the active growth of the hair fibre; the growth rate varies, but on average, it’s around a centimetre per month. The catagen phase lasts around a few weeks and the hair growth activity slows down as the bulb of the hair fibre detaches from the follicle. The telogen phase also lasts for a few weeks and here the hair growth has completely stopped,” says Unilever R&D Technical Manager for hair in the UK, Francesca Rapolla.

How can I retain my hair length?

While you can’t make your hair grow faster (sigh), there are ways you can help maintain your length with a good hair care regime. Dry ends can result in breakage, which will essentially make your hair appear shorter, as well as damaged. So here are our top tips for retaining length:

  1. Keep your hair moisturised to avoid brittle ends and breakage. Try using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner duo, like the TRESemmé Moisture Rich Luxurious Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner (500ml, £3.69 each*).

2. Treat your hair to a weekly deep conditioning treatment, like the Toni&Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask (£6.49*) to help quench dry strands.

3. Trim your hair regularly, otherwise split ends could travel further up the hair shaft. As much as it pains us all to chop off our ends, we promise your tresses will thank you in the long run!

4. Sleep on a silk pillow to help minimise friction and damage overnight. Beauty sleep really does exist!

Can certain types of food help me retain my length?

Well, not directly, but it can help. As the saying goes: “you are what you eat”. Some foods can help to make your hair look and feel healthier, and hair that feels healthier is less prone to breakage. Find out which foods you should be including in your diet to help maintain healthier-looking and stronger-feeling hair here.

So, sadly you can’t make hair grow faster, but that’s not to say that there aren’t things you can do to ensure that when you’re trying to grow out your hair, it retains its healthy look and feel throughout.

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