How to get thicker hair: Backstage shot of Gigi Hadid at the Moschino X H&M fashion show, with voluminous wavy blonde hair, wearing a gold puffa jacket

14 tips for how to get thicker hair

We all want to know how to get thicker hair, right?

How many times have you been wandering down the street, only to be stopped dead by the sight of another woman’s dazzlingly thick hair? Imagine if, instead of staring green-eyed, those flowing strands were actually yours? Nope, we’ve not been sniffing the hairspray again, because we’re actually going to show you how to get thicker hair!

Now, while there’s no way to actually make your hair fibres thicker, there are a number of nifty styling hacks that can create the appearance of fuller locks – and we’re going to share them all with you. So, read on and take a look at the helpful guide we’ve crafted, to help ramp up the volume of your fine locks.

Styling tips: How to make my hair thicker

1. Use volumising shampoos and conditioners.

Have you been Googling how to thicken hair? The first (and maybe even most important) step is to use a volumising shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. Infused with collagen, the TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness system is designed to help fine haired women get the full-bodied, thick-looking hair they’ve always dreamed of.

The shampoo contains micellar technology to gently cleanse hair, and when used together with the conditioner it makes your hair look and feel thicker, ready for styling.

2. Apply mousse before styling.

Use mousse to thicken hair before styling your locks to achieve instant thickness. Our favourite mousse of them all? The VO5 Extra Body Moussewhich provides texture but also hold for long-lasting volume.

Simply take a golf-ball sized amount and apply it to damp hair using your hands. Then use a comb to evenly distribute the mousse from mid-lengths to the ends of your tresses, and you’re ready to style!

3. Dry your hair upside down.

Did you know that flipping your hair upside down as you dry is one of the easiest ways to inject more volume into your mane? While you’re drying, just turn your head upside down for a few minutes as you dry, concentrating on the roots where you need the extra lift.

4. Use a round brush.

So you really want to know the secret to how to make hair thicker? It’s all in your hairbrush! Using a ceramic round brush to dry your hair helps to add lift and body, as well as giving your hair a salon sleek finish.

How to get thicker hair: Brunette woman with her hair in rollers, having her hair done
Create volume with dry shampoo and velcro rollers.

5. Velcro rollers.

There’s another neat styling trick you can try to boost limp locks: velcro rollers. Hair rollers provide an instant lift, and are oh-so-easy to use!

All you need to do, is position your rollers in the top part of your hair and blast warm air onto the rollers with your hair dryer, for approximately 30 seconds. Once they’ve cooled, simply take them out, and admire your thicker, bouncier tresses!

6. Get regular trims.

You might be reluctant to go to the hairdresser if you’re worried about your hair thinning, but trust us, getting rid of thin, straggly ends will make your hair look overall much healthier and thicker. How often you feel like you need to get your ends trimmed is up to you, but we’d generally recommend every 6-8 weeks to keep it looking fresh.

7. Ask for layers.

While you’re in the salon, we’d also recommend trying out layered haircuts. Whether you have long or short strands, layers are an effective way to add body and texture to fine hair.

8. Ask for highlights and lowlights.

Anyone wondering how to get thicker hair should think about getting their hair coloured. The best approach is to blend highlights and lowlights (more on what the difference is), as multi-dimensional tones will make the hair look thicker than one flat colour.

9. Invest in a good texturising spray.

If you have thin or fine hair, applying a texturising spray (like the VO5 Dry Texturising Spraywhen you style your mane, is a surefire way to create the illusion of thicker locks. Simply lift up small sections of your hair and spritz your texturising spray directly onto the roots to create added volume and texture.

10. Use dry shampoo.

With our busy modern lives, many of us don’t have time to wash our hair as often as we would like to. Which means, in times of need, we rely on having a bottle of trusty dry shampoo at our disposal. But what you might not have known, is that this miracle product can also function as a way to give your hair extra volume, helping to banish limp-looking locks. Yep, it’s true!

We suggest trying the Love Beauty And Planet Volume & Bounty Dry Shampoo since it leaves an almost invisible residue. For optimum results, apply your dry shampoo before your go to bed, as it will work its magic by absorbing excess oil on your roots overnight – meaning you’ll wake up with fresh-feeling, fuller-looking locks in the morning. Dreams do come true, after all!

11. Change your parting.

Currently got your hair in a centre parting? Switching to a side parting can majorly transform your look and thicken hair’s appearance.

How to get thicker hair: Brunette woman brushing her hair, wearing a white sleeveless top in front of a purple studio background
How to thicken hair: Gently backcombing can help add thickness to your hair.

12. Teasing.

Whether it’s a little extra oomph for everyday or a full-on beehive for a night out, a little backcombing can make all the difference. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can read our guide to how to tease hair.

13. Try out some volume-boosting hairstyles.

You’ve used your volumising products and dried your hair with your round brush, now it’s time for styling. There are plenty of clever but simple hairstyles that can help you fake your way to fuller hair. Just check out our volume boosting easy hairstyles for fine hair, for inspiration!

14. Care for your hair while you sleep.

Did you know it’s possible to care for your locks even while you’re sleeping? Switching out your old pillowcase for a silk or satin one (or, alternatively, wrapping your hair in a head scarf), reduces friction which can help with breakage.


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