How to make your hair grow longer: 7 habits you need to adopt

Want to know how to make your hair grow longer? Read the top seven habits that you need to adopt now to retain the length of your locks.  

Looking for tips on how to make your hair grow longer? It might disappoint you, but there is no such thing as growing your hair faster. It’s a mistaken belief that we can speed up the process, and length retention is a more appropriate term that should be used instead.

Although there is no miracle cure to stimulate hair growth, we have some good news: with our tips, you’ll be able to limit breakage and better preserve the length you’ve grown.

How to make your hair grow longer


how to make your hair grow longer
How to make your hair grow longer: Regular trims keep split ends at bay!

1. Get a trim

We know it seems somewhat unnatural to suggest getting your hair trimmed as a tip to keep it longer. But hear us out: getting regular trims will help maintain healthy hair in the long term.

Periodic trims or dusting will rid your locks of split ends and destructive fairy knots (AKA ‘single strand knots’). It will also help stop the damage working its way up the hair strand, which left unchecked could become feather splits and stop fairy knots from tangling with other strands.

2. Trade towels for T-shirts

When it comes to drying your mane, T-shirts are a smarter option than uneven towels. Why? Friction can cause frizz and minor traumas, which indirectly hinders length retention. Also, hair is far more fragile when it’s wet, so using a tee is better because of its smooth surface and moisture absorbing cotton properties.

3. Sleep on silk

We know it sounds extreme but sleeping on cotton also causes friction, which can result in small hair breakages. Silk and satin are much smoother surfaces, which means less contact damage while you sleep. If you can’t buy brand new satin pillows, try wrapping your mane with a silk scarf (also practical to travel with).

how to make your hair grow longer
How to make your hair grow longer: Make sure to use lower heat setting when styling long hair.

4. Turn the heat down

Overusing heat and subject your hair to extreme temperatures are major sources of stunting hair retention. We know it’s not easy to change your electrical appliance habit, but try to cut back on your usage and turn your heat settings down. No one wants scorched or damaged hair that looks parched.

5. Limit manipulation

Too much brushing, excessive styling and even constantly running your hands through your mane accounts as over-manipulation, which is detrimental to keep your length.

Controlling how often you put your hands in your hair as well as handling it with care while it’s wet and when you style it can also help limit hair breakage. Keep in mind that low manipulation or long term protective styles are good for anyone with natural hair.

6. Eat well

Do you have a balanced diet? If not, it’s something to consider if you want to grow healthy-looking locks. Why? Hair is made of keratin (a type of hardwearing protein), so it’s no surprise that if you want your mane to grow longer, you need to make sure you have a good dose of protein.

Any vitamin deficiencies can also affect hair production, so dodge any faddy food regimes and steer clear of diets that exclude whole food groups.

healthy long hair
How to make your hair grow longer: Condition!

7. Condition, condition, condition

When your hair is brittle it’s more susceptible to break. Hence, making sure your locks are moisturised is vital to help strengthen weak hair.

Washout conditioners are not the only type of product you should consider as leave-ins are also great at managing frizz and avoiding painful tangles. Don’t forget to periodically use an intensive treatment to top up on moisture and repair damaged and thirsty tresses.


Found all these tips useful? We thought you might. But if you’ve got some beauty bugbears that you need sorting, head on over to our dedicated Hair Care page where we’ll help remedy whatever’s giving you bad mane days!