Growing hair out: The hairstyles for your hair growth transition

Don't let the growing-out process get in the way of your style!

Feeling a bit bored of your pixie cut or bob? Are you daydreaming about having luscious, long locks, but dread the thought of growing your hair out? Don’t worry, because we’ve got something up our sleeve that will help make the process a whole lot easier.

Although you’ve got quite a long way to go until your hair reaches a long length again, there are a number of stylish hairstyles that will see you through the transitioning process. Read below to discover each and every hairstyle that will take you from short crop to long locks with ease.

Growing hair out: How to keep your haircut stylish at every stage

Growing hair out: pixie cut
Growing hair out: The pixie cut.

The pixie cut

Let’s face facts: if you’ve currently got a pixie cut, it may take a long time (and we’re talking years) until you reach belly-grazing length hair. But don’t worry your pretty short hair about it, because there are loads of beautiful hairstyles that you can flaunt in the meantime. And the first step on your long hair journey is the boy’s cut!

growing hair out: the boy's cut
Growing hair out: The boy’s cut.

The boy’s cut

This cut may have been a favourite among various boy band members, but it also works as the ideal transitioning haircut! Slightly longer than a pixie at the sides and front, the boy’s cut also features a feminine, sweeping fringe.

If your pixie cut originally had lots of choppy layers in it, then this will lend itself well to the boy cut, which features layers on the sides and top. It’s cute, it’s playful, and we think you’ll agree, it looks far better on us girls anyway!

Growing hair out: The short bob
Growing hair out: The short bob.

The short bob

After a short while, your boy cut will grow out into a beautiful bob. And luckily for you, bobs are a classic hairdo that’ll never go out of style, so you can rest assured that you’ll always look on trend, whenever you’re growing out your hair. But that’s not even the best part – there are absolutely loads of different ways to wear it to suit your natural hair type and texture!

If you’re looking to give your bob a glamorous touch, opt to blowdry it for a bouncy, blow out effect. As your hair will be quite short, we recommend using a small, round brush so you can wrap the hair around it easily.

Growing hair out: The shag
Growing hair out: The shag.

The shag

After the bob, comes the iconic shag haircut, which has been favoured by fashionista celebrities, such as Alexa Chung, the world over. This hairstyle is perfect for growing out hair, because the whole concept of the look is an undone messiness – meaning that if your hair is of varying lengths, it only works to enhance the style! Now that’s what we like to hear.

Tip: This hairstyle is best worn with wavy locks. To add a messy bedhead texture, spritz some Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray (£7.49) into your waves when styling – it’ll give you tonnes of lovely lived-in texture and volume!

Growing hair out: The long bob
Growing hair out: The long bob.

The long bob

After you’ve been sporting a shag for a while, it’ll more or less grow into a long bob (AKA lob). At this stage, your hair will be around collarbone length (see, you’re getting there!). The beauty of a lob is that you can wear it straight, wavy, curly or even in an updo. It’s also the perfect in-between length, which means you can tie it into a baby ponytail, or wear it down. This really is the stage where you can start enjoying the styling variety that longer lengths can offer!

Growing hair out: The layered lob
Growing hair out: The layered lob.

The layered lob

Many people find that growing out a lob can be an arduous process, as hair can look limp and lifeless when it’s all one length. But by cutting some layers into your hair, it can give extra lift to your locks and help to tackle this problem! While you may think that it sounds counter-intuitive to cut layers into your hair after you’ve spent ages growing it out, trust us, it’ll make your hair appear healthier and more voluminous.

Tip: When adding layers to your lob, ask your stylist to cut in a mixture of medium to long-length ones. Remember not to go too short or you’ll risk undoing all of the hard work of growing out your hair!

Growing hair out: The feathered cut
Growing hair out: The feathered cut.

The feathered cut

Finally, you’ve entered long hair territory! Over time, your layered lob will grow out and reach chest length. While it’s growing, continue to cut feathered, medium to long-length layers into your hair, as they will help to frame your face throughout the process, making for a smoother (and subtler) transition! Ah, music to our ears.

Tip: To help give your layers movement, spritz some VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray (£3.99*) into your hair when styling. The sea salt infused spray will help give a gentle, tousled finish to your long mane, while providing extra grip to make your style last longer!

Growing hair out: Medium-length waves
Growing hair out: Medium-length waves.

The medium-length waves

As your hair grows even longer, we recommend using a large barrel curling iron, like the Toni&Guy Glamour Jumbo Tong to create waves. Why? Well, because wearing your hair in waves will not only help to make your mane appear fuller, but it’ll also to help add movement and texture to mask any uneven length. After all, you don’t want your hair to fall flat at the last hurdle!

Growing hair out: The long haircut
Growing hair out: The long haircut.

The long haircut (finally!)

A short while later, you’ll be able to start trimming or dusting your hair to even out the lengths and ensure that it’s in a healthy condition! We know that it’s a long and difficult process, but at least your hair will be looking uber stylish at every single stage.

If this has helped give you a bit of peace of mind on growing your hair out and you’re now determined to give it a go, then you need to see these 9 foods you should be eating to ensure it looks and feels healthier along the way!

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