Heading to the salon? We reveal 8 reasons why you should opt for a dry haircut

Dry haircut vs wet haircut: What's best for you?

Truthfully, getting a haircut can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience. There’s always the fear that your look won’t come together as planned or you end up with a style that looks different as soon as you’ve washed it.

It can also be especially tough if you’re asking for a technique that may seem unfamiliar, but, when it comes to opting for a dry haircut vs a wet haircut – we promise the results will be worth it.

Not only does this technique help you watch your final look coming together IRL, it can also help you spot damaged strands and split ends, leaving you with perfectly coiffed locks.

Woman with blonde afro hair dry haircut
Dry haircut pros: It’s great for curly locks. Credit: Instagram.com/wanderlust_beauty_addict

1. It’s great for those with wavy, curly or coily hair

Cutting wavy, curly or coily hair when wet is actually a lot harder than cutting straight hair – this is simply because you’re unable to tell where the curls will fall once your hair is dry due to shrinkage.

That’s why a dry haircut for curly hair is an absolute godsend. Essentially, the technique allows your stylist to pick and choose which curls to trim, helping to ensure they fall neatly on top of one another.

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The formula gently cleanses your hair while leaving it nourished so your waves won’t cause you any more woes. Credit: @wanderlust_beauty_addict

blonde street styler at paris fashion week with a sharp angled bob in a roll neck and red overcoat
Could a dry haircut be the key to a perfect bob? Credit: indigitalimages.com

2. It can make your haircut sharper and more precise

When your hair is wet, it’s more stretchy, so the length may vary a little from when it’s dry.

But by dry-cutting your mane, your stylist will be able to visualise exactly how much hair to cut off, as well as create a really precise look – all without having to wait to blow-dry your hair to see the end result.

Dry haircut: All Things Hair - IMAGE - dry cutting hair salon
Why you should try a dry haircut.

3. You’ll save time (and money)

Thanks to this cutting technique, you won’t have to spend hours in the salon. Skipping out on the wash, condition and blowdry phase of your haircut means you’ll be in and out of the hairdressers chair quicker.

If you’re happy with the final product and don’t need any extra styling (such as curls or a blowout), you can also save yourself some extra coins – bonus!

Fashionable dry haircut: the shag
Dry haircuts can help a variety of hair conditions. Credit: indigitalimages.com

4. It’s better for maintaining dry or damaged strands

When your hair is wet, it tends to clump together – even when combed. This can make it harder to spot split ends or areas of the hair that are more dry and damaged.

According to Elena Diaz, Hairstylist at All Things Hair, the best haircut for dry hair is one where your strands are dry. “This way you can see where the problem areas are and trim where needed.”

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Dry haircut benefits blonde woman with bob hairstyle
Dry haircut benefits. Credit: indigitalimages.com

5. You can see exactly what the finished style will look like

One of the main benefits of a dry cut haircut? You can see your new look coming to life in real time. Whether you’re asking your hairdresser for a styling overhaul or just looking for the standard “inch off the ends,” you can instantly see what the finished style will look like.

Translation: no more “uh-oh” moments in the mirror when you get home.

Woman styling model's hair with curling tong dry haircut
Styling hair is easier with a dry cut vs wet cut.

6. It will help with styling – especially when you’ve left the salon

Who doesn’t love it when their tresses have a salon-worthy finish? One of our favourite benefits of a dry haircut is that you can see what your finished cut will look like before, and after styling.

This will help you see what your future styling options are and help you recreate that professionally coiffed look at home.

Model backstage at show with ombre hair dry haircut technique
Don’t accidentally snip your balayage! Opt for a dry haircut instead. Credit: indigitialimages.com

7. It’s a great technique if you’re cutting highlighted hair

In the same way that it can be difficult to spot split ends when your hair is wet, it can also be tough to see variations of subtle balayage on damp tresses. Especially at the ends of your hair.

Opting for a dry haircut can help your hairstylist see any coloured strands, and avoid them (or not) depending on what you want from your finished look.

Brunette model walking runway with fringe dry haircut
Get precise bangs with a dry haircut. Credit: indigitalimages.com

8. A dry cut is perfect for creating a fringe

If you’re afraid your bangs might turn into an accidental micro fringe when dried, opt for a dry cut instead.

Whether you’re having an existing fringe trimmed or having bangs cut into your hair, this technique will let you see exactly how the final look will come together.

Take a look at these hair techniques to avoid split ends!

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